The Italians say: neighbors

Non e’ bello quel ch’ e’ bello, e’ bello quel che piace.

What methermineyomeno in Neoellinikin means:

Not nice nice, it is nice that you like.

Too many everyday we confirm the above quotation. The food that we prefer, in the clothes we wear, the books we read, the music we hear. Why change it when we sit comfortably in an armchair or sofa to enjoy in our tv projector or our favorite movie/series or any sporting event? Is there a reason? Let’s see …

Firstly, the animation is a food consisting of dozens of ingredients. You will go through a long chain of people who would care to serve on our plate. From the first ciak until you press the play in our player, this image will have to accept hundreds of interventions and settings. It becomes obvious, then, that what we are watching is the brainchild of some people who wanted to give their work a specific character and form. In motion, colors, effects, brightness, sharpness, details etc. Therefore, we are called to witness and assess their effort, as is. As made and us serbiristike. Unlike the bespoke suit where the customer decides who will go the sleeve, how close would be the jacket in the back and if you have the trousers Tuck, here we are in a etoimatzidiko shop. What is Sir/Madam. Picking and what you do, you get ‘.

This is cinema. A etoimatzidiko shop.

The film is the work of a Director, a script writer, markoytsi of the soundman, the one-eyed Cyclops camera cameraman, the one-liners and the faces of the actors, the bruises of the stuntmen, the producer’s francs, the soundtrack and the post production ahead of consoles and monitors, just to mention a few of the links in the chain.

Masta … anything non-known until here.

So understood how urgent was the need to establish standard and norm for authors so that the viewer has a report to assess the whole effort. Therefore, some organisations such as CIE, EBU, SMPTE, THX raised antikolokythopittas standards. In a nutshell they said ” this is the correct image masters and to judge whether the media respond to reference must adhere to certain clear conditions.

Gave us, well, something noymerakia, something, something paternakia that define what is the correct overall brightness of our device, what is the proper temperature for white, what is the correct color brightness, who the right hue and saturation of these, what the correct acidity, what the correct gamma, which is the correct viewing distance, what the correct levels, what is the correct timing in terms of traffic, etc.

With all these questions (and many more) discusses the adjustment (calibration) of devices based on established standards. The closer is our devices in reference to both better will assess the overall effort in our cloth. Will discern everything he wanted the Director to see, you’ll appreciate the colour shades throughout the recorded level, we will discover strange lighting and effects, we will realise all disputes arising from the correct setting of contrast (contrast).

It is important to realise that the image will take after setting may not be to our liking, for the simple reason of kolokythopittas I wrote above. Example:

A simple example is that we’re used to seeing all these years. The truth is that we are accustomed to seeing ” frozen ”, so any more ” warm ” alienate our setting. Our favorite CRT devices were accustomed to white ice which is much higher in temperature from the 6500K (Kelvin degrees) that requires a reference.

So, the reference white may seem more cream (yellow), more devitalized, less white.

Because, however, the white temperature above defines and grayscale but the color rendition, the setting will affect the overall intake of image.

So, what do we do? It’s simple …

Or choose and we continue to see as we like or regulate our device as well we can (we’ll talk extensively in another article about the restrictions and regulatory devices) in order to slowly get used to enjoy better quality and better performance of our favourite films/serials or sporting events in our projector.

Like all things in life, so this is finally a matter of personal choice.


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