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Xiaomi 4K Laser UST Projector Repair (white vertical lines)

Some of the owners of Xiaomi 4K mijia laser projector (or Wemax one, Fengmi, e.t.c) facing some problems in the operation of their projector that actually make the projection…nightmare.


What are these problems?

-The projector has slow boot, it can take 10 minutes from the moment we press the on button on the remote control

-After some time of viewing or immediately after opening in half the image, white vertical lines are observed

-After some time of operation, white dots are observed in the image

-Random restarts



For all these problems the cause is one and only defective part..

An accessory to the optical engine that has a manufacturing error, let’s go to see in detail the problem and the solution starting with some basic instructions disassembly the projector.

The white lines look like this…



To remove the projector housing, we must first untie and remove the Ι/Ο card. Remove these two plastic pieces, unscrew the 2 screws we find underneath and remove the card



After unscrewing the screws at the bottom of the projector, we can remove the housing. As soon as we remove it, we’ll be in front of this picture…



Unscrew and remove the metal protection over the mainboard and begin to disconnect it from the various plugs that are buttoned to it with the first large cable that connects the optical engine to the mainboard. Three screws are the ones we need to unscrew and then carefully disconnect the cable.



Attention is needed to disconnect a few more flat cables that we will find connected on the mainboard



It should be removed and this fan, which is not screwed anywhere, we just grab it and remove it..



After we have removed the mainboard then we are ready to remove the optical unit. 4-5 screws are the ones that support it in the chassis, once we remove them we can remove it..



After we remove the optical unit, our projector will look like this.



The problem is on the optical engine, so will work on it…



Next step is to unscrew the DMD Chip’s cooler…



Then carefully remove the two screws from the metal surface and remove the flat cable



This is the cable that makes it possible the communication between mainboard and DMD chip…



Here we can see the contact points



And we come to the source of evil, which is no other than this piece of metal that actually presses the flat cable to make proper contact with the DMD chip



But what’s going on, and how does this metal piece cause such a big problem in the projector?

This metal piece is a cast metal which shows little resistance to the high temperature conditions prevailing in the optical machine resulting in bending.

Yes well heard, bends and no longer presses evenly the flat cable on the DMD chip

If you look closely you will see the “curb” that has been created…



And here with graphics a little more understandable the alteration that has been suffered


This inflect does not only cause all these problems i have mentioned above, but it also create poor contact between DMD and the DMD cooler, so the chip is overheating. The overheating make the fans to spin with greater speed (so projector comes more loudly) or making our projector to shutdown. Finally there is a possibility to permanently damage the chip if we continue operate the projector.


The solution

I tried to solve it in many ways. At first I just bent this metal again and restored it to its original form. I tried it for a few hours on the projector but found that it started to lose its flat surface again and started to inflect again!

This time i realized that no solution can be found with the existing part. Even if I bought it new as a spare part, it would probably give the same malfunction in a few X hours.

So I started thinking about building a new one.

As a first step I made a copy in hand of brass (easily worked by hand) and tried it. In fact, I changed his shape and gave him larger dimensions where it took me to do it, so he could create a larger contact surface!



100% success!at the begining at least…

But I didn’t stay there. As a restless spirit I wanted to get to the end!

If the plate does not have exactly the right details and thickness on specific points it can cause other problems (DMD chip overheating, big pressure on the LGA250 DMD plastic socket, e.t.c)

So I proceeded to design the accessory and manufacture it in Laser CNC with experiments on metals and their strength (a new world opened up in front of my eyes and I dived in!).

So somehow I created a lot o f versions to try them but the results was not what i want and expect , some of them starting to inflect again like the original, other didn’t offer the perfect contact for the DMD i had in my mind…



So i finally after almost three months of testing and research i succeed to make the final version on a CNC laser with perfect accuracy on the thickness and the details. Also this plate is a mixture of metals based on stainless steel SS316 which with the addition of 2 more elements acquires incredible resistance to temperatures and pressures (we are talking about crazy research, running in machining and MANY tests to find this metal). Maybe I’ve overreacted… but it was worth it!


After a lot of tries this is the final version that i have made a lot of tests and works just perfectly …



The greatest satisfaction for a technician is when his efforts to find a solution to a problem come to fruition. And in the case of Xiaomi 4k laser projector, the satisfaction came, with VERY toil, but came.



The repair video


And a new video guide that many of you ask for, enjoy…


In case you experiencing this problems in your projector and you want to solve it permanently, you have to replace this part , you can manufacture it (but be sure about the CNC laser accuracy you going to use otherwise you will cause bigger problems on your projector!) or contact me if you want to make and send you a copy of this final version of the plate. You will place it in your projector and you will solve this “factory” problem once and for all. Of course if you don’t feel capable το replace the part by yourself you can always send me your projector to repair it for you!No problem.

(My advise is that until you replace that plate DO NOT operate the projector, there is a possibility to damage the DMD chip with this poor contact)


You can also read my full review of the Xiaomi 4K laser projector here https://www.projectorjunkies.com/xiaomi-4k-ust-projector-review/


God bless you all

Nikos Tsolas


  1. Jacky says:

    Amazing, my xiaomi is experiencing the same problem as yours, and mine one with the black lines as well..
    Can I have the contact of the CNC store, please?
    I would like to fix mine one, otherwise I will have to buy a new projector..


  2. Ary says:

    Mine is taking a few minutes before turning on. I hope that this new piece will correct this issue. Thank you for your work. I am interest in this new piece of metal. How can I please get it ?
    Best regards

    • Jacky says:

      Hello Ary

      Have you found the right metal for the part?
      I just disassembled the projector and getting the measurements, and I will build a CAD based on it. But still looking for the right metal to use, I saw Nikos is using ss316 but I wonder if it is suitable for transferring the heat as well.


      • Bob says:

        Hi Jacky,

        Did you manage to build the CAD file?


        • Jacky says:

          Yes, I drew one, and looking for a CNC machining company.

          • Bob says:

            Would you mind sharing the file? I found a company here during my holiday but I don’t have the projector with me to copy the piece. Happy to share the info about their suggestions regarding the material after the visit.

          • Jacky says:

            I am happy to share it, but I am not sure if the piece fit to the projector, and I do not want others using the wrong measurement. I found one company, and they can cut and ship me the piece in 20 days. I will definitely let you know further.

          • Tsolas Nikos says:

            From my experience is very difficult to copy this plate. In the start i said, ok,it is just metal, not big deal, right?no no no, it is a big deal. If you don’t make all the details exactly as they are, it does not fit and the DMD cooler can not fit as well. I try three different CNC lasers and i have make more than 10 plates in order to finally make the one.
            The CNC lasers can not stop the production and spend time to make one or two pieces with so much details, they drop you.To just cut the metal is very cheap and easy, but this is not the point (something like 2-3 euro per piece), to design and make the details is that CNC does not accept to do it, and if someone accept, the cost goes high at 80-100 euro per piece (the better price i take was 80 euro each for 50 pieces).
            The other problem is the metal, i try 3-4 different well known metals that the CNC work with mostly, and ALL inflect after 30-40 hours of use only (not at the point to start the problems,not so much like the factory one, but i knew that this was not the permanently solution i was looking for), even the strongest one.
            Of course when i return every time to the CNC store to say about the metal is not so strong as they said to me, they always told me that they are not responsible for the use i will do on this metal piece and i paid again for the new one.
            If you have a thin metal plate under pressure in the heat it will inflect at the end, even least, i didn’t know that, i have learn now.
            If it is inflect even a half millimetre (you can not see it by naked eye, every time i put it out from the projector and go to the CNC store to measure it) it will cause problems like delay start at the beginning and bigger issues at the future.
            For me to finally find the CNC laser with the most accuracy on the details and the patience το deal with, the right metal with the correct aids on the spots i have pointed out, to find out that you have to make the plate a little bigger than the original because the final procedure (that i am doing to a different machine shop that is specialized on that), the shine (you can not push the flat cable with a non absolutely shine metal, you are going to make a damage), does effect on the final fat of the plate (oh yeah) and you must have already calculated it (if not,the plate will not fit correctly, trust me, i HAVE PAID this), all this cost me more than 1000 euro and over 3 months of time and tests.
            Right know all these details is on my CNC laser guy (and the special mix SS136 metal that i buy it from a specialized metal store here in Greece, this week i am going to buy more and i will inform you guys what exactly is the mix) and the shine specialized store and i am just call and ask them to make me a copy. At the moment i am waiting 10 more copys next week because i have already 5-6 requests from people all over the world ask me to send them one.
            I am very curious what will be your story guys if you try to make a copy of this plate to your local CNC laser store, and if you finally succeed to do it how this plate will behave throw time and heat on your projector. If you want, please share it here, it will be very interesting…

          • Jacky says:

            Thank you for sharing the process with us, Nikos, it is very interesting and challenging. For finish of the metal, I never thought about it has to be shine finish, no wonder the original one has the plastic sticking on the back. Yes, I believe it is no easy to copy the exact same one, even I drew a CAD for the piece, I am still not sure about measurement.
            Please let me know how can I order one from you.
            Many Thanks

          • Tsolas Nikos says:

            i always share my repairing procedures on my blog Jacky. If you want to send you a copy of the plate just email me your shipping details.

      • Henri Tran says:

        Hi Nikos and all
        My projector wemax one pro cannot power on anymore…
        Any guess?
        One repairman said it should come from the motherboard…
        Thanks in advance everyone.
        Take care

    • Reto says:

      Hi Nikos,
      I would like to purchase this metal plate!
      Could you send it to Switzerland?
      I look forward to your email.
      Kind regards,

  3. Ary says:

    Hi Jacky,
    Woaw. Sorry. But I am not as qualified as you 😉
    I didn’t disassemble it yet. And I am expecting Nikos to help me find and buy this piece of metal. Then the Next stage will be to mount it.
    But really, I am interested if you manage to do it by yourself. Happy to share your experience

  4. Vad says:

    Hi guys,
    The same here.
    Once I left it running overnight, normally it goes to sleep but that time it didn’t.
    Next day boot time degraded, then it started degrading more. then some artefacts started appearing. Boot time went up to 10 min or more (not the actual boot time but the time it needed to start throwing the picture).

    I found there is another issue with this projector. (another data cable). That kind of worked- boot time reverted to normal but more white dots appeared over time.
    So I hope Nikos would be able to help here.

    Please see workaround for another design flaw posted by user ‘huntereye’
    hi, I believe issues such as white pixels, distorted color and slow starting were all caused by the same issue, which was a design flaw of the data ribbons near the center of the projector. I ran into these problems 6 months after I bought the projector. I managed to fixed the Xiaomi 4k projector problem recently by opening the cover and grind the plastic ridges off at the back of the cover (see pictures attached), the ridges put too much pressure at the grey data ribbon near the center of the projector hence causing the image problem.

    it’s worth mentioning IO card removal trick – you should press the center as it is thinner and you would be able to pry this piece easier.


    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      The design of the ribbon cable is just fine. The cause is this metal that holds the ribbon cable (read my article). This is the reason, not the ribbon cable.

      • Jacky says:

        Hello Tsolas

        I was able to flatten the metal, it is ok for now.
        Could you share the CNC store and the material you used to replace it?

        Many Thanks for sharing

        • Tsolas Nikos says:

          That’nice.The problem is that in few hours (100-200) the metal will inflect again (from the first 2-3 hours i measured a small bend again already), that’s why i try to find another solution with another metal part. The CNC laser is in Greece, the metal part after trying different materials is a SS316 with other two elements inside (i don’t know them, i can ask the CNC store, they suggest that metal). This is the only metal that we measured no bend at all after some hours of heat.

          • Jacky says:

            Thank you. It will be great if you can let me know the name or code of the metal. It is great that you are a restless spirit so my projector can be fixed!

            Do you know how different is it from the ss316?
            I know ss316 and ss304 are easy to access in US.

          • Tsolas Nikos says:

            let me ask for this and i will come back to you!

          • Lati khan says:

            Hello I am facing the same problem in my projector so CAN I please give me the metal part?? I will be very grateful to u

          • Even says:

            Hi. Do you have the measure of the part you have made?
            Hight, width, thickness, mm for screws etc.

      • Hollie says:

        Hello, we are having similar issues with the whore vertical lines, how would we go about getting the piece shipped over here so we can get it fixed?


  5. Jhon says:

    Do 100% projectors have this problem? If not, what is the difference between them? What is the difference between them?

  6. Roy says:

    Dear Nikos,
    I’m facing the same problems with my 4K projector after 9 months after buying.
    Do I need special tools for demounting all the parts? what will you charge if I want to buy the replacement part?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  7. Bart says:

    How much this part with shipping to Poland ?
    Do you have STL file or other 3d model..?
    Best regards

  8. Vic says:

    Hi Nikos!!

    I have exactly the same problem. I would like to buy the metal part from you! I can we proceed?

  9. Mike says:

    Hi Nikos! I have the same problem with my Xiaomi 4k cinema. I disassembled projector, find out curved piece of metal and made my own. But problems didn’t disappear. Then I disassembled it again and looked at the pinned plastic between chip and cable. Some pins were bent. I corrected them in the right place, but the second approach also had no effect. Now I plan to take out plastic and correct all pins, cause I have no other ideas. I’ll post here the results and can send you some photos of the process to your e-mail if you share it to me.

    Regards, Mike.

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Mike can you send me photo of the metal plate you have made?Μy email is on contact page. I ask you because the first 3-4 plates i made didn’t work.It took me a lot of time to find the CNC laser that was able to make the exactly copy of the original. Also have you measure the plate again after the polishing process?Because it loose a lot of micrometers on the procedure and this could cause problem on the DMD contact. If the dimensions on the plate details are not exactly precise then even if you tight the screws and everything seems ok, the pressure on the ribbon cable is not the one that it should and the contact on the DMD is not the ideal, so the problem remain (keep in mind that on this optical unit everything expand and shrink with the heat), also if the pressure is bigger you can destroy the socket and damage the pins (this is i suppose happen to you).Anyway you can search and find this socket and buy it if you have destroy it, it is a LGA250 dmd socket (google it). Also the material of the plate must not affected by the heat. If you have a micrometer try to heat the plate you made well and take measurements to see the metal behavior.As i have already say it seem too easy to make a copy of the plate and replace the original, but is not!I have learn this on the hard way…

      • Mike says:

        Thanks a lot for the quick response! As promised, posting here news from my further investigation:
        1. First of all I restored the original plate and put it back in place. This allowed me to temporarily exclude the factors that you wrote about. The result is that the vertical lines have not disappeared.
        2. Then I carefully examined the nature of the vertical lines and found that they carry color. Moreover, they inherit color from each previous line to the left. This means that the contacts on DMD are not broken and the plate in my case works as designed.
        3. Then I went to the engineering menu in projector and ran a series of tests. The most spectacular are black lines on a white screen.
        4. Also I measured the tempreture of DMD chip in a working state – it was around 40 C – not so hot as I thought before.

        So: the symptoms are similar only at first glance: instead of white lines, there is a mixing on the X axis. It seems that the problem is with the video card.

        Not having the proper tools, I took projector to the service center. I look forward to the results tomorrow.

        Photos I’ll send to info@projectorjunkies.com in a few hours.

        • Tsolas Nikos says:

          Mike i have seen your pictures.Oh man,what have you done there??First of all the plate you made does not have the details that must have in order for the cooler to contact properly on the chip, is not only about thickness! Second you are not using the original screws with the stop they have on plate (probably you couldn’t make such a small screw thread on the plate and you make them bigger?). What can i say, good luck my friend but for me, you have cause all these problems, probably you have damage the chip too (you dont even have a thermal pad to the back of the chip!). May i ask why you make all these modifications and repairs to that poor projector??The only problem you had on the beginning was the inflect plate i describe to my repair, nothing else.

          • Mike says:

            Let me explain some points:

            1. Yes, indeed, the plate I made is different from the original. Is it problem? Yes and no. As I said above, with this plate it works like a restored original. The result is the same: nothing changes. You may doubt this, but it is a fact. I’ll be happy to be wrong about that. But now I do not use it any more. An ok, the screws for that plate were mine, as long as the original ones. So the cooling pressure was the same.

            3. Thermal pad is present of cause – I replace it with a thermoplastic with better thermal conductivity. This step is required because you cannot reuse an old one.

            Note again: I have restored the original plate and install it with the original screws. The termal pad exists, the contact is just as good, I measured the temperature of the chip, it was about 40 C. And result is the same, as you can see on photos.

            Now I’m waiting for the results of the service. I’ll post them here.

          • Tsolas Nikos says:

            Mike what can i say?yes, it is problem if you don’t make the details on the two screws on the plate. The screws stay out and the cooler can not make good contact to the chip, you can burn the chip even with few minutes of not properly cooling, then you will wonder what happen. However, good luck with your repair, keep us infromed.

  10. Even says:

    Hi. Do you have the measure of the part you have made?
    Hight, width, thickness, mm for screws etc.

  11. Sambeet Mohapatra says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I have sent you an email requesting the quote for the metal piece. Can you please reply ?

  12. Roberto says:

    Hi Nikos and all the brilliant minds in this thread. Nikos, my projector case is in rough conditions after me trying to take it apart over the last few months and not figuring out about the IO card. None of the forums mention that, I appreciate you posting clear pictures. Than you.

    That said, it’s functional, after it heats up I’m able to wiggle the case to the point there are no lines but I’d like to fix it before I’m tempted to bu another one. I’d love to send it and have you repair it for me, would that be possible? (Happy to pay of course)

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      thank you Roberto, sure you can send it to repair it for you, you are living in Europe i suppose. Send me an email to arrange that.

  13. Miguel ñ says:

    Hi. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I tried to contact with you with not luck. I’m interested in the famous piece. Please contact me by mail if possible.

  14. huntereye says:

    hi I can acknowledge the white pixel problem was not from the ribbon cable, I have tried loosen the projector case by unscrewing all the screws (to relief some pressure), it improves the slow boot problem a little bit but the problem is still there. So i guess ultimately the metal plate that is holding the DLP chip needs to be replaced.

    Every time when my projector starts up, it will give the white pixel dots problem, and if I wait for a min or two the projector image will come back to normal, I suspect it was because the metal plate was heated up and expands, then the DLP chip can have proper contact with the ribbon cable.

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      yes Kevin, your porblem is this plate. If you want my advice DO NOT play the projector until you replace that plate if you dont want to damage the DMD chip.

  15. Paal says:

    After i straighten the bend metal part, my picture is gone very dark. 🙁

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Paal how exactly you straighten the plate?By your eye?It have to be perfectly straight. If your picture is dark that can be a wrong seat of the DMD.

      • Paal says:

        I have now made a exact copy of your plate of the steel that you use. The projector works perfect, the stripes are gone and the startup time is as new.
        All thanks and credits to Nikos for sharing all his work around this.
        Use Nikos if you are affraid for doing this yourself. Or if you buy his plate, be carefull with the contactplate between the dlp and the cable where the problem is.
        Thanks Nikos, Great work.

        • Tsolas Nikos says:

          my pleasure Paal!i am happy that you finally fix your projector!enjoy!

          • Michael says:

            Hello Nikos,

            I would like to have 2 of your Master Pieces 😀
            Where can i find your email to get Futter information ? Or could you please contact me ?

  16. Mark says:

    Is there any model type that does not have these issues? Or do all models have this issue?

  17. Michael Huynh says:

    I am interested in the plate. How do I go on about receiving one Nikos?! Mine have started flickering and wouldn’t turn on until you attempt to turn it on like 5-10 times.

  18. varra says:

    Tsolas Nikos
    Are you selling that plate?

  19. Stephan Eisermann says:

    Hi guys,

    did sent my projector from Germany to Greece and got i back today – bootuptime now is as it was when its was brand-new from the factory. Nikos is a super nice guy, communication went really well!

  20. Pierre says:

    Hello, I am interested in that Projektor too. The 4k1s i would take.

    Is that issued with all of that Prjojectors?

    @Niko: If I will get mine, how can i test If that issue is with this Projector? And If i have the issue can i send i to greece too?

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      When that metal starting to inflect you going to have slow boot and some times white vertical stripes on the picture.On that point you have to replace this plate. Yes, you can send it to me when the time comes to repair it for you.

  21. Marcin says:

    Hello Tsolas.
    I have the same problem in my projector. Maybe you have more of these parts? I would gladly buy 1 piece from you.
    What would be the cost with shipping to Poland?

  22. Roel says:

    Hi Nikos, I like to thank you for this excellent solution. I had already declared my Xiaomi projector almost dead before I came across this web page. Rather painful considering it price back then and knowing I only owned it for just over 1 year. Anyway, the shipment of your metal plate went incredibly fast. Your prompt response to inquiries and friendly communication ensure that I recommend your help to anyone with this projector and its design flaw.
    My projector works again if its brand new. Very happy with it and that I came across the projector-genius of the internet;-)

  23. Aziz Adli says:

    Hi Nikos, Im from Malaysia, im really interested in buying this metal plate. can i get a quote, i really want my projector working as long a possible.

  24. Christian Manzini says:

    Hi Nikos,

    just sent you an email regarding the metal plate.

  25. Andi says:

    Hi Nikos,
    ive got the issue that my projector is turning off after 11 minutes of running with some chinese message.
    After turning it on again its working for hours without problems.
    Is this also caused of this metal part or is it something else? Maybe you know it.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Grettings Andi

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Hello Andi. Yes, it is possible the problem be this poor DMD contact. But have you ever try to translate this chinese message?

      • Andi says:

        Hey Nikos,
        thanks for your answer.
        I googled it (cause my chinese isnt that well) and it seems like there are other people with the same problem after 11 minutes. It seems like its an temperature warning and then it shuts down to avoid damage.
        But like i wrote before after turning it on again, it runs like forever. There is nothing placed around it for at least 2 metres around so i dont know what to do. Why should it get to hot? I am still in the 1 year waranty time, but its real a struggle with gearbest to get any help. They told me to press the reset button on the side, but there isnt one.
        Also they said it cant be repaired and offered me 100$ and thats a joke.
        Its really a shame how they deal with customers and warranty issues.
        If i wont get any help of them i am forced to open it and install your piece of metal, if you are willing to send me one. Ofc i will pay for it. I keep you updated, if i got any news.
        Thank you very much in advance.

        Grettings Andi

        • Tsolas Nikos says:

          When this plate inflect,it does not only cause poor contact and lines on the screen. It does cause poor contact between DMD and the cooler. So , it is possible the DMD to overheating and the projector to shut down. If i was you, i would start by replacing this plate.

        • Shaminda says:

          I had the same issue as you are. Do you have an external video source connected? And does the projector automatically switch to this at startup? If you answer yes to both above then you could be seeing the auto shutdown message in Chinese (shutdown where there’s no response). There’s a menu option under settings to turn this feature off. (Use google translate on your phone to see this screen because even with English language selected this menu item remains in Chinese). Then turn the auto-shutdown when no response off.

  26. Abraham Velez says:

    Nikos, my projector is displaying a black screen with some white dots. Do you think it will cause due the same problem?

  27. matt says:

    @Andi, this sounds like you are starting the projector from the power plug (e.g. plugin it in or using a remote smart plug) not the remote. The message you see it telling you (paraphrasing) that the projector will shutdown in 5 seconds, press any key to cancel. It is a safety mechanism to turn the projector off after loss of power / return of power etc. It’s the same with my 4k Chinese version, may effect any of these projectors that don’t have a power button on the unit.

    • Andi says:

      Hey matt,
      thanks for you answer. You are right. I am using a switchable power strip to turn the projector and devices totaly off. That are good news for me. The internet told me until your answer that this is an overheating issue. I am very glad that isnt the case. Thank you very much for your help.
      The only strang thing is, i am almost sure, i havent had that message in the beginning when i started to use it.

      Greetings Andi

  28. Aleksander says:

    hi Nikos. I’m from Russia. You have no idea how difficult it is to find at least some information. A friend of mine from China sent me this masterpiece half a year ago (the projector is exactly the same as yours). This disease has appeared last month. I wait about 10 minutes with a black screen, then everything is fine. As soon as I found you I stopped using the projector. The seller ignores the buyer, they gave some kind of code that is valid for 30 days, and I did not have time to send it back, then all service requests and advice were refused. This is the first time I come across such hypocrisy and irresponsibility on the part of my beloved company. I want to join the lucky ones you helped. Please contact me by email to clarify the purchase of your miracle plate. Even if this does not solve my problem, I am infinitely grateful to people like you who help.

  29. Adric says:

    Hi, I too would like to purchase one of these magic pieces, thanks!

  30. Matt says:

    HI I would also like to purchase one of the magic metal pieces.

    Out of curiosity, I haven’t opened it up yet, but would thermal paste on the non cable side help transfer heat to the heat sync and reduce the issue? Are there fans in the case that could be upgraded to higher cfm?

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      The answer on both is no. The projector temperature it is just fine if you change the plate, there is no need for any modification!

  31. Bruno Bastos says:

    niklos, I’m facing this same problem: random shutdowns. I’ve Tried everything, but nothing has worked so far. I’ve tore down the projector and find nothing wrong. So, I think That this piece of Plate of yours can solve my Problems. I’d like to Buy it from you or get the project to do myself.

    • Alex Stroea says:

      Hello Nikos,

      First of all, thank you for doing this and helping so many people, I really appreciate it.
      I also have exactly the same problem as everyone else, 3 minutes boot time and the stripes on the screen that dissappear after 30 seconds.
      I would like to buy the plate from you if you still sell it
      Than you.

  32. Shaminda says:

    Dear Nikos,
    I am having similar issues with my wemax one. I’ve already sent an email too. Can I buy one of your plates?


  33. Jorge Moreno says:

    Hi Nikos, I finished placing the piece right now with the help of my son and I also put a little thermal paste and after assembling the whole projector it returned to normal, without the vertical lines and now starts as when it was new.
    Thank you for all your work and for sharing all this information and also for selling and for sending the piece to Spain. I was very discouraged with my Wemax 4K projector and now it’s new again. Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    Jorge Moreno

  34. Andy says:

    Hey Nikos,

    thank you for this excellent guide and work you spent on it! I would be happy if you would reach out to me, as I would also like to order one of these plates 🙂

    Thanks and greetings,


  35. Olufemi says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I have similar problem with my projector.
    How do I go about getting one of the plates you mentioned on the platform?
    Please, reply as soon as possible.


  36. Flo says:

    Hello Nikos,
    I’ve sometime these issue :
    – white dot on black screen
    – wrong colors on the screen (purple,…)
    – it makes time to switch on the screen

    I think the issue is the plate.
    I want to buy one of you, is it possible ?

    Thank you very much for you helo and time !

  37. Buldog16 says:

    Hi Nikos,
    I have similar problem with my projector.
    Slow start, white pixel appearing,
    wrong colors on the screen (purple,…)
    How do I go about getting one of the plates you mentioned on the platform?
    Please, reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much for your help,

  38. Ethan says:

    hi NIkos,

    First of all, thank you so much for this tutorial. Very helpful.
    I have sent you an email re the plate. Hope you can help.

    Much appreciated.


  39. Nicolas says:

    Hi Nikos
    I don’t have the white lines but the startup is slow and sometimes the colors are distorted. first i opened the case a little bit and it helped for some time but now this isn’t working anymore and the startup is slow again. should i do what’s mentioned here or is this only the metal plate? would you repair it when i send it to greece? or could you send me such a plate?
    regards, nicolas

    • Roel says:

      It is the metal plate. I also came across this article also before I bought the plate. If this would have been the root cause I wouldn’t have a perfect working projector now:-)

      • Buldog16 says:

        Bonjour Roel,
        Vous avez achetez la plaque métallique de Nikos et vous avez fais le changement vous même ?
        Pouvez vous donnez vos impression après le changement ?

  40. Buldog16 says:

    Hello Roel,

    Did you buy the Nikos metal plate and change it yourself?

    Can you give your impression after the change?


    • Roel says:

      Hi there, a friend of mine changed it, but Nikos gave prompt instructions along the way (because the step by step manual was not always clear enough).
      My impression is that my projector works again as if it is brand new. I use it daily since the repair (on Sept.19th).

      Highly recommended

    • Ary says:

      Bonjour bulldog16,
      L’as tu finalement acheté ? Si oui, Comment s’est passé l’installation ?
      D’avance merci pour tes reponses
      A bientôt

  41. moky says:

    I see in your test of the vividstorm screen that you are using the Xiaomi 1S 4k do you know if this model also suffer from this plate issue ?

  42. Tony says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Please let me know how to order a plate from you. I’ve sent you an email and hope to get a response very soon. Thanks!

  43. BadXiaomi says:

    Hi Nikos,

    I’m not comfortable doing the repair myself. Would it be possible to ship my projector to you and you repair it with your part? If you have the time I’d love to discuss 🙂 Please send me an email!

  44. Ricky Hans says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Thank you for doing the research for the fix.

    Happy to do the repair myself but need the plate. Please let me know how to order it from you.


  45. Titi says:

    Hi Nikos,
    Thank you for your R&D and find a fix
    Please let me know how can i order it


  46. Sambeet Mohapatra says:

    After more than 1.5 of wait in shipping to USA, finally the magic plate arrived today. The repair is done just under an hour. The projector is working like new again !!! Thank you Nikos.

    • Gary says:

      Hello Sambeet. How hard did you find the repair ? Do you think the average guy with some tech experience could do this?

      • Sambeet Mohapatra says:

        Its not hard at all. I would say, the hardest part is taking the cover out. After that, follow the pictures given by Nikos. Remove the off-white tape gently and save it to re-apply later. There are few cable connectors attached to the main board. Be careful with one ribbon cable connectors on the right side/next to the fan. Its is bit flimsy. Lift the white tab to release the cable. Then take the main board out. Then take out the whole optical engine by releasing 6-7 screws attached to the bottom of the case. Then remove the heat sink followed by Old Plate.

  47. Carlos says:

    Hey, Nikos! I got the same problem on my Wemax One…Do you sell one of those plates?
    Carlos Valdes

    • Shaminda says:

      Hi Carlos,
      I have a Wemax One. Had a auto shutdown issue. Turns out Wemax doesn’t have a similar plate. Ours has a smaller ribbon. The plate also has rubber paddings to push the connectors down.

  48. Lester says:

    Hello Nikos,
    I sent you an email. I would like to buy this metal part from you.
    Thank you

  49. Calum says:

    Hello Nikos,

    I’d like to order a part as well please! I’ve sent an email.



  50. sergei says:

    Nikos hello,

    in my place with this problem, a long turn on, another one arose, a slightly visible gray border appeared and there were 2 small strokes of light on it (I had not seen this border before, it got out after the next system update, this also coincided with a long start). Although many people assure me that this border is always there, now it looks like scratches have appeared on it (it seems that these are not pixels, since it immediately lights up, the pixels start much later.
    I still have a few pictures before the problems and as if I do not see this border at all, it feels like you can shift the initial position of the optics and do some kind of calibration, as if the optics were corrected before the system was updated and after the correction had disappeared.

    I saw another person on another forum with very similar scratches on the border of this frame. We don’t know what to do about it.

  51. sergei says:

    there are 2 pictures before and after frames

  52. sergei says:

    Nikos hello, in my place with this problem, a long turn on, another one arose, a slightly visible gray border appeared and there were 2 small strokes of light on it (I had not seen this border before, it got out after the next system update, this also coincided with a long start). Although many people assure me that this border is always there, now it looks like scratches have appeared on it (it seems that these are not pixels, since it immediately lights up, the pixels start much later. I still have a few pictures before the problems and as if I do not see this border at all, it feels like you can shift the initial position of the optics and do some kind of calibration, as if the optics were corrected before the system was updated and after the correction had disappeared. I saw another person on another forum with very similar scratches on the border of this frame. We don’t know what to do about it.

    there are 2 pictures before and after frames

  53. Stefan says:

    Hey Nikos, how can I contact you? I would like to order the plate aswell!

    Looking forward hearing from you!

  54. Aaron Pham says:

    I would like to order the part too.

  55. Ken says:

    Hi Nikos, how do I place order for the part, having the same issue. Thank You.

  56. Muhammed Imani says:

    Hi Nikos,

    I’d like to order a part as well please! I’ve sent an email.


  57. Buldog16 says:

    Hello Nikos Thank you very much for this video and all the work you have done for the repair of the Xiaomi 4K video projector MJJGTYDS01FM and for the new Plate that you have created in laser numerical control with the details of the holes to tap frankly me who am a manufacturer of job I appreciate the work you did,

  58. Jorge Rosa says:

    I need to purchase this part from you. Please help. My projector is a disaster.

  59. Kaudii says:

    Hello Nikos,

    I have had the Xiaomi Mijia 4K Projector for a year, I have noticed its longer startup for 1.5 months. From the information that I read earlier on the internet and on your blog, it appears that this is the beginning of the problem you described here. I am interested in buying this part from you, I will be grateful for contact and help with the problem.

    Regards and I hope for an answer

  60. Buldog16 says:

    Hello Nikos,
    I have just received my license plate, I have repaired, luckily there is a video, it makes it easier to dismantle,
    Before repair I had slow starts getting longer and longer and two pixels on white backgrounds not on black backgrounds not all made in the middle of the screen,
    After repairing no more problem all works fast start and more pixels for the moment to see in time my now we know where the problem came from,
    Many thanks to Nikos for his help and his patient,

  61. sergei says:

    Thanks Nikos,

    I repaired my projector, I made a copy of the original plate, and re-pasted the sticker (sticker 0.2mm thick).
    4 cylinders on the plate play a role for the correct distance of the bolts with the springs, I made them just in case.

    Drawings and models, if useful to someone, can be found here:

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Thank you Sergei!If you want to make an improvement to your plate, cut off the 4 cylinders. The thickness of the plate alone is enough for the screws to screw tight without pass throw to the other side, so it is safe. Also without these cylinders the compression of the springs is a little bigger and the cooler is make better contact on the thermal pad on the chip.This will help you to not have any dead pixel in the future, trust me. Another improve is to NOT put the plastic sticker just make the plate a little bigger. The reason is that this plastic is not heat conductive so if you just make contact the metallic plate on the flat cable without it (but you must have polish the plate realy well, to be perfect flat) you help the heat dissipation from the flat cable and from the chip of course, something like second cooler.If you do that you will realize that the small fan on the DMD cooler is more quiet and does not run at maximum speed after 20 minutes of running the projector (check it to see that i am right),also the temperature on the plate will be a little higher, that means that the chip is running cooler. Good work and thank you for sharing!

      • sergei says:

        Thanks for the clarification Nikos, I will try to remove those bosses.
        And are there any ideas how you can remove my second problem 2 lines of light around the edges

        This little screw cannot be responsible for the basic setting of the optics, I have a trace as if it had previously stood to the right (I did not touch it), it’s difficult to suggest that the motors moved it themselves). Or I somehow got scratches on the curb, I also remembered that this problem got out when I reset the projector to basic settings through the menu.

        I will be glad to any suggestions and ideas)

  62. Michael Varnum says:

    Hello. I am interested in purchasing the new plate. Are they about? Thank you.

  63. Richard says:

    Xiaomi wanted to charge close to 1,000 Euros to replace the whole optical unit here in China, as my one year warranty had ended. Nikos replied immediately and sent me a replacement plate via a tracked postal service, it took 20 days to arrive. Once it did I followed the steps outlined above and it solved my vertical white lines issue at a small fraction of the price. I was hesitant, as I don’t normally take electronics apart, but the steps were clear and photographs really helped. I did count 7 screws holding the optical unit in place, a few more than mentioned above. Thanks again Nikos.

  64. Stefan says:

    Received Nikos’ plate today and installed it right away.
    Easy to install and a perfect fix!
    Used to take up to 10 minutes for the projector to show an image, now after the fix it is like the first time i turned it on, an image right away!

    Thanks Nikos for finding the problem and offering the solution aswell!

  65. xmaz57 says:

    Hey Nikos, how can I contact you? I would like to order the plate aswell!

    Looking forward hearing from you!

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