The largest technology exhibition held every year at the Las Vegas CES so-called Vivitek decided to unveil its new flagship to home cinema projectors.


The name of the H5098




The H5098 is a "big" DLP projector with brightness in 2000 lumen, contrast available in 50,000:1 and the bulb lifespan 5,000 hours.


The great diversity in relation to what we have grown accustomed to the company in home cinema models are changeable lenses that accepts the H5098, five in total!






As you will appreciate the ease of placement will be really huge having such a wide range of lenses to choose from.

Finally, the price will be close to us $ 3,000 ranging


I got started and I like this company for some mysterious reason, and don't forget that behind "hiding" the behemoth called Delta Electronics and it definitely adds points.

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