At projectorjunkies we give a promise to you, but mostly to ourselves, to become constantly better, or researching, comparing, learning, conquering i.e. knowledge, either by improving the level of our equipment.

Our equipment so far included a Spyder 2 and two from Datacolor Spyder 3, as well as a Display i1 and i1 Pro a Pro, UV cut, A revision from XRite. In the tests, measurements and kalimprarismata that we have done in the last year in various types of displays (projectors, televisions, computer monitors, etc.), the i1 Pro confirmed the rumor that accompanies him, giving us (by far) the best results.

However, because they must frequently travels dense outside Athens to used by John Hadjigeorgiou, leaving the rest of the team uncovered, i.e. me and Nikos Tswla not to have him in our hands and in our possession. Also, would love to check whether different i1 Pro is close to their measurements, but also if the brightness measurements differ mainly, among which are i1 pro UV filter and those who haven’t.

So with great pleasure, we present the new arrow in our quiver: a second i1 Pro, revision D and without the UV filter, directly from SpectraCal! We came panoplos, equipped like lobster, with all these goodies that we were missing from the first Pro i1 gained.

In article with comparative measurements between LightSpace and Calman, we noted how scarce (and expensive), it is the accessories that accompany the i1 Pro. The most typical example is the tripodholder, the accessory that stabilizes the i1 Pro tripod for the measurements from the screen to a projector. Here, one of the few stores worldwide (all in America), who have for sale:

Even if you have someone known to you sent from America, will cost about 150 euros, while if you send from the store via courier and stuck at the Office, you will be charged an additional 70 to 100 euros, IE will arrive to your cost of 220 to 250 euro!

Fortunately for us, therefore, the tripodholder included anymore in our accessory that came with our new i1 Pro, so no software patents!

The i1 Pro support at tripod is just flawless with the tripod holder, when it set up in front of a projector screen for measurements made game.

The tripod holder solves literally hands, since it includes two very useful accessories, the first is the Gradient slider (the large plastic adjuster for Husqvarna in cylindrical shape lower right), and the second is the very smart diaphragm to make dark reading the i1 Pro, top right.

Also a very useful accessory that came with our new i1 Pro, is the diffuser, the place where you want to take measurements directly from the projector lens. I imagine that you understand how important this is for accessories to see the RGB display. But in this area, for measurements of IE on different monitors, expect another very useful gkatzetaki, which will show you later.


From here forward, waiting for a ‘ small ‘ our Calvary new i1 Pro, with measurements in projectors, televisions and monitors. We hope to prove his worth and let us arise as reliable and accurate measurements.

With two i1 Pro now at our disposal, a UV cut, A revision and a revision D without the UV filter, theoretically at least one cycle, and sometime in the future, we will try to do the very big step (though probably it comes to jump), to get IE a measuring instrument of extreme precision, i.e. laboratory level, that is of course a single JETI specbos: the famous 1211.

For us here at projectorjunkies, the calibration is (and will remain forever), our hobby, while at the same time our favorite game. Here we are talking about a “game” worth 10,000 dollars or approximately 8,000 euros! At this point, the old saying that says: “the men of little boys, resembles the value of games,” finds the perfect fit!

While of course nothing prevents us from sleeping at night, and our best dreams to see that we have acquired a Konica Minolta CS-2000A, King of measurements in laboratory level!!!

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