When such a powerful headlamp gets irreparable damage to the optic. then the amount of repair could not only be a very interesting story. …

O our headlight came after his attempt at repair by a technician who suggested the Agency and after its owner was really despaired. The initial damage of the projector was a vertical line on the right side of the screen.

Unfortunately after the service received playing somewhat so. and with the convergence of several panels outside the acceptable limits

Unfortunately the blue tint of the image could not be corrected by the settings of the projector’s sample that had severe damage to the optical engine.

You will appreciate the JVC solved until chassis and optical became truly “screws”

The three reflective panels and light …

When we say “screws” we mean “screws” …

Since screening became the optical damage (lesions) was detected. The technician who tried to repair the projector whacked with an unsuitable fluid perhaps recent polarizing filters …. It turned out the coating and become so.

Unfortunately he was not there. He pulled out and the panels from Prism and in his effort to put and to cheer the convergence, strabwse the basis of the Green panel with result attempting to configure convergence manually is very difficult.

Let’s move on the repair. Fortunately for our good fortune we were polarizers from optical SONY sxrd …

Cut to the appropriate dimensions and entered the Visual.

Then started the Calvary convergence adjustment. the base holes Opened in the Green panel, so that it can be moved and to balance the crooked base (the base he couldn’t straighten it. always talking about mm.).

After hours of testing the projector was assembled and entered the stream.

What they saw surprised even us. ..

Amazing balanced picture, rich colors (for the black would not say anything … JVC just) … and convergence almost perfect …

Jokingly, with its owner, we said that if you ever encouraged the headlamp, we want anyway to get open to glass box and expose …

The first handmade JVC!


  1. Walter says:

    hello I have a jvc hd100 with convergence problems, would it be possible to align the panels? Thank you

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