Recently fell in my hands an American Epson 8500UB, respectively in Europe is the TW4500 (if not TW5000), with several display problems.

The most important was a red hue at the top and a green on the bottom. In the photo you’ll understand exactly what I mean …


The projector also faced problem with cinema filter that wasn’t working, resulting in whenever you’re trying to put some mode which made use of filter out warning message and the projector to do shutdown after few minutes.

Dislodging a Epson needs very carefully, especially if you need to disconnect the panels because of their kalwdiotainies are very sensitive and easily cut.

Let’s see …


To get to the Visual must first and foremost remove the scaler board


Beneath the board that feeds the panels

DSC00988 DSC00991 DSC00992

After carefully remove this board and then in front of us revealed the optical projector … and boyala!

The two fly-eye (diffuser) had lenses deliver spirit..

DSC00999 DSC00994 DSC00996 DSC01000

Also the cinema filter had become a small “burn” resulting in jams and refuses to obey the commands of the motor.


To fly-eye lens (eyes fly) typically found as a couple just after the light bulb and manufacturing actually resembles many eyes fly.


His role is very important because it undertakes to distribute light uniformly lamp and bunches in the optical projector before it reached the dichrwikoys mirrors and “break” in red, green and blue on behalf of three panels.


If this couple lost the alignment of or damaged (as in our case) then the light goes on irregularly in the optical and the results are devastating for the final image.

Fortunately … in our case we had all the necessary parts and proceeded to replace the


After replacing the above materials, proceeded to clean the optical and fine tuning in the polarizing filters and mirrors at dichrwikoys. The result fully vindicating us.

Here somewhere to say that with the “Chinese” who wore lamp the projector the color variation does not come with anything. When I on the projector I wore my original bulb and I adjusted the Visual of it, came a surprising result on LCD white tab … that left me with mouth open …


The evil with the Chinese lamps outside of very poor color is different and that adhere to the laws of physics.

And it is bad to tell someone? Of course it is bad …

The energy is not lost … simply changing forms.

When a lamp powered with 200w power say, some part of the energy that draws from the PSU turns on light and some in heat.

Chinese copies of this analogy is poor, with the result that turns out much less light than the original and much larger heat consuming the same Watt.

Bakes literally optical projector and. .. warms us in winter (if you want to find de well and something positive).

In this repair I thought to take a few shots and screen from movie clips before and after so you don’t stay only in numbers. Unfortunately the difference in contrast is not easily distinguishable in the pictures (camera failure) other color difference turns eyes that say.

A and we referred to figures say that I counted on/off contrast native before repairing and cleaning just under 1000:1, while immediately after he climbed in 1800:1. Of brightness better not mention numbers … because you’ll laugh. So typical in THX mode before the repair I counted 45 lux (92ari frame) and after 63 lux (with the original in the same mode the brightness was 140 lux).

Here in the measurement of on/off contrast


The screen shots were taken with my own worn original bulb in Epson, at the exact same mode (before and after) and with exactly the same settings.


Go look at them. More “before” and “after” … Although it is obvious …

DSC00976 DSC01020

DSC00975 DSC01019

DSC00974 DSC01018

DSC00973 DSC01017

DSC00972 DSC01016

DSC00971 DSC01015

DSC00970 DSC01014

DSC00969 DSC01013

DSC00984 DSC01011

DSC00982 DSC01010

DSC00981 DSC01009

The following pair of photographs is probably the only one that can give an idea of the difference in contrast. Notice how “flat” is the first and how “3D” the second.

DSC00980 DSC01008

DSC00979 DSC01007

DSC00978 DSC01006

DSC00977 DSC01005

The projector is already en route for the beautiful Cyprus and there remains only to wish the owner good views!

Nikos Tswlas


  1. David Tonucci says:

    Is there a guide to align the 3 LCD to the prism?

  2. Ganoyan says:

    Ωραιος. Πηρα πριν 3 μηνες εναν AAXA P7. Τον ειχα στο κουτι ολο αυτο το καιρο και μονο σημερα το ανοιξα και το μονταρα στο ταβανι. Το παπαρι εχει ενα παρομοιο προβλημα, μια κιτρινοπρασινη χροια στο κατω μερος της οθονης. Πιστευεις οτι ειναι τεχνικο/οπτικο προβλημα, η παιζει να ειναι κατι με το software?? Τα εχω παρει στο κρανιο, ουτε το ειχα χτυπησει το κουτι ουτε τπτ!

  3. Kilian says:

    Hi I have a Tw5500 and the motor that opens the auto iris doesn’t work anymore properly
    I am very disappointed because the lamp has only 440h and when it seldom works the image is perfect and everything runs like a charm
    I really want to save this machine from become another waste if you could help me…. thanks a lot !

  4. Jorma Bergman says:

    Where did you buy those fly-eye lenses? I have one broken and just couldnt find one anywhere? Model is epson eh-tw9300w.

    And to Kilian.. I think you have broken cogwheel that moves iris. I took one from old epson printer, they use same cogwheels. *wink*

  5. BAYRAM says:

    Hello, I have a problem with the projection, can you help me?

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