Panasonic H is a classic Japanese company which was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita in Osaka, Japan and this is the reason that until 2008 the official name was “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd”. In 2008, with the assent of the Matsushita family officially renamed to Panasonic Corporation.

He started there in the distant 1918 as incandescent bulb housing manufacturer and has gradually evolved into a mammoth electronic company which today manufactures almost everything.

Dealing with digital projectors began in 2000 and certainly all of us who deal with the object we put in our lounge at times or we still have someone Panasonic home cinema projector …

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.43.29 PM


The PT-RZ470 introduced in 2013 from Panasonic and was the first of the headlamp that did use the hybrid Laser/led light source. Placed on the company’s professional series, others as we all know, the DLP projectors is something like chameleons, multipurpose, so I encountered and I.

Let’s move on to look at the RZ470 …

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And to have a benchmark size of RZ470 compared to other projectors … Always DLP …


The RZ470 is a very handsome projector from any angle and the look. The build quality is top levels and gives the impression of a higher class than this projector that is pricing.

With relatively small dimensions and weight 11 kg looks so compact you just catch your hands gives you the impression that you’re dealing with a solid construction, from those made for demo without work, but this works just fine …

The remote control of the small, unassuming quality.


H Panasonic makes use of Prism in optics, RZ470 engine technology usually found in very serious Home Cinema DLP projectors. This light makes the whole job of direction of light to and from the DMD chip making use of directional mirrors unnecessary.

The profit? Fewer refractions, precisely in the direction of photons and enormous credibility over time.


The light source is RZ470 and the hybrid makes use of luminus led 2 (blue and red) and a blue laser diode array that create green through phosphorus.


For the cooling of other laser diode and led used passive cooling, use exhaust fans have only to the overall cooling of the projector. The cooling system of the laser diode is the following and is very similar to passive cooling processor.


Inside RZ470 No PIN falls. Here we have the definition of parthenogenesis, everything up to the last screw is designed from scratch for that projector!


Hybrid light source


 Let’s look a little bit better this hybrid light source and its design



Laser diodes and the conversion of the color blue in green via phosphorus, see the wheel of phosphorus which looks amazing on the color wheel.



The red and blue LED


With red hybrid laser machine, with green the diode laser cooling and with blue optics DLP engine. (We arrived … the “lamp” to be greater than the optical projector … )


Here you may become more easily understood how the RGB beam



  • Panel: Full HD 1920X1080, Single DLP 0.65 ‘ DC3
  • Brightness: 3500 lumen
  • Light source: LED/Laser-combined (R, B: LED? G: Laser diode)
  • Lens: zoom Manual (2.0 x), manual focus, F 2.0 – 2.1, f 21.5 – 26.7 mm
  • Lens shift: Vertical (+ 73%-48% from center of screen), Horizontal (+ 27%-35% from center of screen)
  • Contrast : 20.000:1
  • Weight: 11Kg
  • Dimensions: 137 x 455 x 415 mm
  • Noise: 35 dB (normal power light), 29 dB (eco light power)
  • Consumption: from 460 W (power light set to normal) to 178 W (power light set to Ecosave2)


The RZ470 menu is full, “huge” and everything in it is working flawlessly. I could do the whole article just for the menu and the possibilities that this gives the user, others will confine myself to the essential and most important.

Pressing menu this is the picture on RZ470.


In category picture we can choose one of 6 modes and to do our basic settings in picture


Pressing enter in the color temperature transport in RGB Setup submenu (and gamma first extension) which work with surgical precision as you look at the measurements.

rgb settings

In the category projector setup we can tamper with parameters such as cooling, positioning the projector other and adjust the projector’s light.


The amazing brightness control, lowers at will the light intensity of the laser and led depending on tastes and our monitor. At 1% have made the RZ470 to make something less than 200 lumen brightness … awesome?


In eco management we can define the intensity of the light source in low, save eco 1 eco 2 save and high (normal) and to activate the sensor of RZ470 that “understands” the viewing conditions (measuring ambient light) and stretches the volume accordingly the hybrid light source that we have in our screen picture. I tried it and it works unexpectedly well!


day light view

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 7.03.42 PM

In the category display option there is the easiest, most practical and most complete Color Management System (CMS) that I have met in the middle.

If the matching color category choose the submenu 7colors then transport to the CMS RZ470. Selecting a specific primary or secondary color sliders shows us the three basic colors. If for example we want to adjust the color yellow and the elect, then raising or lowering the price on one of the three primary colors respectively the yellow color moves through the US triangle respectively.

Does not reach this simplicity of CMS (which works great), the RZ470 shows and his own paternakia on the screen so that we can make rudimentary setting even without body or linked source. For example, if you observe with the naked eye that the yellow “Greens”, simply remove green from the corresponding slider and it begins to gradually transferred towards the side of red in the color triangle, acquiring proper hue.

cms settings

If this isn’t enough, the RZ470 features and second how to set the colors for more advance users. Selecting the matching color submenu instead of 7colors then appears 2 tables in one place the measured values of our institution in each color (measured data), the other with the values that we want to achieve (target data), values which are pre-defined anyway, press OK and the RZ470 kalimprarei of colors automatically!

The most important thing though is that this regulatory CMS works with extreme precision judging by the results I was getting during the measurements.

cms measurent

There is a whole submenu that we can deal with the RZ470 networking, others do not have dedicated considerable time, this slider is more to those who will use the projector with professional orientation.


Another feature of RZ470 is the link 2 the same models in order to project the same image, half each. What exactly do you see in the photo below.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 5.13.57 PM

Let’s close somewhere here the category “menu” of RZ470 and let’s move on.


 To say that this RZ70 is a demo unit that has turned all over Europe for the needs of presentation/review and has already written to the figure of over 2000 hours if that tells you anything in terms of endurance and the measurement values that you see below.

The RZ470 has 6 modes that you can choose depending on the use that the quantities required and the environment in which it is called to offer his services. Let’s see what gave us these modes in brightness with only kalimprarismeno carefully REC709 mode (with the other modes but be very close).

         Light power low

  • REC709 420 lumen
  • Natural 480 lumen
  • Cinema 510 lumen
  • Standard 690 lumen
  • Graphic 910 lumen
  • Dynamic 1550 lumen

         Light power normal

  • REC709 680 lumen
  • Natural 730 lumen
  • Cinema 770 lumen
  • Standard 1100 lumen
  • Graphic 1440 lumen
  • Dynamic 2340 lumen

In save eco 1 and 2 I did not imagine that other measurements of luminosities “play” between low and normal, so it would be just a waste of time.

The RZ470 offers brightness for all possible uses, from small home cinema room up huge screens in meeting spaces and most importantly; Is fully configurable by the user.

Best measurement on/off contrast

mode REC709, light power low, light brightness 61%


RGB and gamma measurements in “sinemadika” (if such exist) modes of RZ470


rec709 rgb


standard rgb

Naturalnatural rgb


cinema rgb

REC709 Calibrated

rec709 calibrated rgb

REC709 colors

rec709 colors1

REC709 colors calibrated

cms after

REC709 colors luminance

cms luminance after

The ypokoresmeno color triangle on the side of cold colours lies exclusively in the use of color as REC709 mode in the options menu of the RZ470 and not in weakness of CMS as a slider, in graphic mode say specific colors were just on the contrary, i.e. yperkoresmena. Just prepare and other metrics will become the relevant update.


First thing that alienate other parallel impresses in RZ470 is opening and closing. Starts fully in 2-3 seconds from the time you press the button on/off on the remote control and closes instantly with the same key without needing refrigeration time as we have become accustomed to conventional headlamps with high-pressure lamps. The best though is that this process can be repeated as often as we want without causing a problem on the projector or on the hybrid light source.

The same fast is blocking port HDMI in 1080 24Hz. From the moment you open your player in the 2-3 seconds max got firmly locked picture.

Generally the whole scene strongly resembles tv with built-in media player as regards ease opened-view-close.

The Visual of the RZ470 (the DLP optical and hybrid light source) is completely sealed, any heat dissipation becomes externally and the projector has no need for filter use, relieving the owner from any possible maintenance procedure. Also important is the security that you feel will not light sometime and you’ll see some dust stain on your screen, something that torments many projector owners.

Another sign of how “hard to die” is the RZ470 ‘s and the ambient temperatures that can work seamlessly … from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius please!

H carefully work the Panasonic looks by the way behaves the headlamp opening depending on the ambient temperature. As this lowers, so larger warm up makes the RZ470, culminating in the 0 degrees for 5 minutes does not display the image until it reaches the ideal temperature in optical, which perceives with special sensors in the chassis. Nice stuff!

The second observation was the very low operating temperature. Even after hours of nothing betrays that inside the projector light production unit works. The chassis of the “iced” with his fans to make cold air from the exits!

Now this is good or bad to tell me? It depends on what angle you look at it. The specific period of time, the economic crisis has hit everyone’s door and heating oil has become a luxury good … to bad I see however:)

In addition, these low operating temperatures are allowing the RZ470 to operate even under conditions of heat (40 degrees Celsius) seamlessly, something that we meet for the first time in digital binteprobolea.

The RZ470 among the “easy” headlights as to placement. Can create image 16/9 100 inch pointing from 3.23 up to 6.51 meters by using the zoom and coupled with the use of lens shift can be placed almost anywhere throughout the length and breadth of our space.

The lens shift lens works perfectly, without cracks and mposika inaccuracies, just set you and you blotted out. So I had to work all the manual lens shift.


Let’s start with the basics before spending on impressions RZ470 image …

H panasonic claims that the RZ470 can draw 20,000 hours before losing 50% (the first “sea bass” is that the laser has been gradual decline in their brightness, slow, not real) about the brightness and can work 24/7 seamlessly. IE can open today … and close at about 2.3 years … Wow suite …

The projector I had in my hands for about three weeks and within all tried to understand as it was possible, how they react to these new psipsipsinia and kokokopsara of the hybrid engine in the long run.

I RZ470 about 72 hours, Yes. that’s right … 3 whole days in full power mode (the gentlemen of Panasonic Let’s omit this paragraph because it is at risk of a stroke, if you haven’t already suffers from photos of open Visual) in continuous operation by taking measurements often dense and keeping notes trying to discern a change in color behavior of the projector. Would love to see what material will begin first to “get tired” … phosphorus; the led laser diodes;; I;

The measurements were identical in degree felony. Brightness, RGB, gamma and colors without the slightest deviation!

Tsantistika is the truth!

(And after tsantistika you most when I realized the “shock” that awaits me in the next PPC account with consumption in power 470W full mode in probolea’s … free and verese:))

Can the sample was relatively small, others I personally got some data showing positive enough for a relatively new technology that now makes tentative tentative first steps.

This technology seems to have many other positive aspects I just one will dwell extensively … in what I did and the greatest impression.

The Panasonic Announces center corner to 90% brightness uniformity. I counted slightly differently. Average of 97-98%!

Is something with many years of experience in my back, metroysa and I couldn’t believe it. The measure at the center of the screen eg 300 lux 295 corner … and even using lens shift I admit I couldn’t imagine. I changed batteries and up to the institution (okay … Okay … the truth is that had pull out here and days battery low indicator) for persuasion that applies …

This superb brightness uniformity has very important implications for the overall picture and if we are not looked up today, because quite simply we had learned not to bother us and of course not to discern.

Putting well-known scenes from films became more watchful on what “playing” off center image and noticed that I was seeing things that I have never noticed reason lower brightness, wasn’t there eye with anything that they say. I enlisted my generous and an Optoma hd82 who happened to have in my space for side by side comparison and confirmed fully.

The difference he made “BAM” they say unto the people, with set roughly the same brightness in both headlights, RZ470 seemed clearly brighter … because objective was, considering the overall screen brightness and not only of the Center who usually counting.

I would say that to be mistaken our eye the same brightness in both projectors, optoma should be playing with 30-40% more light in the center of the image.

More importantly than the total brightness is the curve of gamma and detail that is lost as we move away from the center of the screen. When the center of the image is brighter than the edges then we cannot discern the details there because the iris of the eye has shut down in accordance with the greater light which assumes from the Centre and in essence we cannot clearly see the edges which seemingly darken dangerously.

If it is to bring such changes the laser technology … Welcome and let us soon!

One negative that I found on RZ470 was the high of the noise of the cooling system if you dare and you put the normal power light setting. In professional use I imagine wouldn’t take easily realized that something changed in the projector’s noise, in space that you watch your movies but is annoying. I can’t understand why they needed to work the fans in both high revs, with such low operating temperatures … other rather something more you know Japanese engineers …

In the picture now …



For this the Panasonic lens brags that he has given particular emphasis to the coatings of crystals during their construction, aimed at limiting unwanted reflections, photon acting negatively in contrast other image and in general color behavior.

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that this is an excellent construction. By the way other Assembly and quality of functions (focus and zoom) you understand that the Japanese do not stint on nothing or almost nothing … might enjoy electric focus and zoom I say now …

Footnote, the lens has been designed and manufactured exclusively for the RZ470, like almost everything on it.

The sharpness from edge to edge of screen, color aberration minimum as nonexistent, will call him up and “overkill” for a projector of the professional series, and this sounds strange … but ideal for exclusive use of home cinema projector.


The impression that fantastic staff watching the first shots in the RZ470 is that you’re dealing with a lot of quality home cinema DLP projector and in no case machine is designed for presentations! Important role in this play certainly flexible configurability of luminosity that allows you to buy the RZ470, and its full of sliders that allow you to make the image fit for viewing movies.

The clarity and sharpness of the image range in known top levels of “good” DLP projectors and the colour palette is less impressive in the eyes of the beholder.

Watching HD material is clearly more relaxed in RZ470 from classic DLP projectors that use a color wheel to highlight the colors and of course there is no fear for the presence of the famous rainbow effect that bothers me a little portion of the spectators.

Uniformity of RZ470 moves and this at very high levels, giving a uniform white to 100IRE tab without suspicion, which is very important for projector that makes use of three different light sources (2 led and laser) indicating that it has done very good work in the design and implementation of machine vision.

In dark scenes the RZ470 will find out from the waters (like genuine DLP), something that shows us that the replacement of the classic light bulb with hybrid machine laser does not help anything in this area. Of course the mediocre performance in dark scenes was something that I was expecting, not fell and the clouds that they say, others bearing in mind that the RZ470 taking any device as dynamic IRIS for example and is designed for professional use, only disappointment you cannot feel watching the dark of shots which I must stress that no relationship has been with professional-grade projector, regardless of technology.

Even though the high black level, the detail in dark scenes highlighted image compression without a trace of something that is mainly due to the excellent ratings of gamma there low. Also conspicuously absent of any color shade in black, giving me to understand that even where the body fails to measure, the RZ470 keeps in great balance the RGB levels.

Just fall but medium and bright footage, there the RZ470 begins to “sing”. Bright, Mesta colors overflowing from the screen, high ansi contrast that captures the look and clarity that “trumps bones” is what you will receive as a spectator.

If this projector is the “professional” series of Panasonic then I look forward to seeing the home cinema version of if is not already …

In moving into the frame 24arwn hardware RZ470 goes swimmingly and indeed without any device (frame interpolation). No annoying “breaking” the image doesn’t make his appearance even in difficult panarismata of the camera and the movement is characterized as the classic good DLPadiki.


Yes … has gained. For authority to say that RZ470 accepts and plays everything. Can operate in 3D DLP Link and SYNC with external emitter or both modes at the same time making use of similar 3D glasses every time (DLP link, VESA).

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 7.37.30 PM

Now you must tell me or you yourself to imagine what 3D picture you can watch with lumen brightness really 2340;

The brightness of the RZ470 enough to burn your brain even wearing 3D glasses. Note here that the actual measurable 2340 lumen is much more light than what many might imagine … believe me … If we add the tremendous brightness uniformity into the equation.

The most important thing of all is the labyrinthine Setup menu that has the RZ470 for viewing 3D material with most 3D sync output delay.  With this slider you can adjust the opened book active valve with terrible detail on a scale 0-25,000 us per 10 us!

As a result after some experimentation was the most relaxing 3D I’ve seen so far on a projector, and I say this, that I rarely watch exceeding 10 minutes in 3D hardware before I hit stop. In RZ470 not just saw that movie I had from beginning to end, others ran and at the video store to rent and some that I haven’t seen before … 🙂

The secret is this calibration, which reduces this annoying flickering that tire the eyes, brain and makes viewing unbearable. Definitely important role plays and the lack of color wheel … so I guess …

To say that setting the sync delay can only be done using standard RF VESA glasses.


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And because the RZ470 can easily perform as “tv” show and some shots from HD satellite channel.





The Panasonic PT-RZ470 DLP projector is a chameleon.

Excellent build quality, lifetime 20,000 of the hybrid of the lamp, 24/7 operation, free filter, lens shift, immediate opening, closing RZ470 o has arms that you can hardly ignore on battle arena of professional models.

On the other hand, with such a superb lens, such placement facilities particularly for DLP, incredible 3D, full RGB sliders/CMS, excellent picture in HD viewing material, brightness for that screen size you can comfortably execute debts basic home cinema projector in every living room.

Like negatives I can give only the high noise in full power mode (35db) that “bother”, medium black (characteristic of DLP technology) and the high acquisition price compared to its competitors (they do however use of classic high-pressure bulb and no technology Laser/led).

The PT-RZ470 left me very good impressions during “symbiosis” together of these three weeks. Really enjoyed making this review (although I admit I was rather more arduous and time-consuming than what it seems) and the same delicious hope you were and for those who read.

Finally, I would like to thank the LEC that Hellas in collaboration with the official delegation of Panasonic, cared to come to Greece as a “rare” and particular model such as the PT-RZ470, exclusively for the presentation of all of you through the pages of projectorjunkies.

Model: Panasonic PT-RZ470

Delegation: Intertech A S.


Retail price: EUR 5330


Good views!

Nikos Tswlas

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