For more than a year, has been on the market a new sensor
It belongs to the very popular category of «kolorimetrwn» (colorimeters) from X-Rite,
the notorious Display i1 Pro. Has won all this time from multiple reviews
and testing, both for the accuracy of the measurements, as (and most importantly) for the
little differentiation that presents in the measurements depending on the piece that would

This was the Achilles ‘ heel of all entry level kolorimetrwn
in previous years. For example, both the Spyder 2, Datacolor Spyder 3 of, and the i1 Display
and Display 2 of X-Rite, showed large variations in measurements from
piece to piece. For Datacolor Spyder 4 However, it seems that this “range
diversification has dropped considerably, making them a direct competitor in
the same piece of the market and the i1 Pro Display.

With the advent of the i1 Pro Display, it looks like the X-Rite to hit a vein of gold.
Multiple Display i1 Pro have been measured with very small amplitude modulation in
their measurements, while the totally new construction with the visually sealed,
It seems to promise longer life kolorimetroy before IE filters
begin to ‘ significantly ‘ ntriftaroyn.

All this however must prove in practice, so from yesterday arrived in
our hands and our Display i1 Pro, our own “new game”. In classic known
box of X-Rite, the retail version has reached our hands from the English e-bay.

Opening the packaging, the sensor is well protected, with the rest
content relatively unadorned, except for the sensor includes a completely useless
cd with software, and includes a fairly old version of i1 Profiler, it is understood that
You must download the latest version of the company’s site. Included
also a completely simplistic user manual, with the totally essential and basic
stages of use of the sensor.

The i1 Display Pro is a very compact and light sensor, so small
who would you rather watch me as I catch him in your hands. While, for us
at least want him to play, settings and measurements in projectors, the
“Achilles ‘ heel” is by far the very short length of USB cable, only 1.8

As you see the Display i1 Pro includes the diffuser and for internal measurements
illumination of the space, as well as for measurements directly from the projector lamp.

And when you want to measure a computer monitor, a tv LCD or plasma or
take measurements from the screen to a projector, lift and move the
diffuser, which can be configured in several different positions, even
serve as a “foot”, to mark the distance sensor monitor
a projector.

In this photo, you can realize the size of the i1 Pro Display.

Finally, the great rejuvenation of the i1 Pro Display, even in the retail version, is that it can
to work with software from many third-party software vendors, such as
HCFR 3 (which is also free), version 5.1 of Calman, etc. In the photo
you already see the first experiments with the i1 Pro Display to work with
the HCFR 3. The next time you make multiple tests with different
programs, as well as comparative measurements with other kolorimetra and

Stay tuned …

Our bodies will soon travel to the other side of the Atlantic, bound for one of the largest organizations on the piece of certification calibration to measure with very expensive laboratory measuring equipment and be certified as to their accuracy.

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