Optoma HD82 O is a DLP projector here that we got “quality-accurate” series on technology-specific … and for good reason ….

The spotlight came on our hands with 1000 + hours and kalimprarismenos.

The first thing I did was to take some measurements to have a reference before and after cleaning, and of course to view some scenes that reference movies to get an idea how it attaches to the existing State of the projector.

Measurements before cleaning to 75 inch frame


119 lux (lamp low)

162 lux (lamp high)

on/off contrast 1086:1

Unfortunately I could not get reliable measurement in ansi contarst due to inappropriate space but to film scenes that I attended I would say with certainty that the projector was facing serious problem “Halo” and “flatarismatos” of the image. His image was not that the “wildness” of DLP and dangerously approaching the image of the rival camp of LCD.

Also great impression made me very ill and unnatural grayscale I saw at classic paternaki “Piano”. Each gradient gray scale had its own color tint, which at least unexplainable … see the following two photographs I took with different settings in camera so as to render possible this chromatic dispersion in grayscale … something really difficult …

Here to say that this problem is not fixed after I tried to do settings in the projector’s RGB, simply change the shades … anything else ….

After these clues, there was nothing better than “operated on ” the projector and see what the above could be corrected … We started well …

The bulb comes out easily with a lid that is quick-release … something positive …

Huge problem encountered in aluminium ring located on the lens and you definitely need to get out to go in dismantling the headlight … had he not simply and build with anything …. is aluminum and it cannot be hit with tools because you can very easily simadepseis..

The projector has a peculiar design. Underneath the chassis, the Optoma decided to place the two main board projector. The DMD board and the I/O board …

Here at last the Interior of projector

Dismantling continues … Our aim is to “get” the optical hand

Dust ….

Aposynarmologisame almost everything …

Here the “juice” of the case … the Visual of HD82

The photographic lens really fails to capture the “miserable” situation he found projector color wheel … that you see in the photo … multiply by 10!

Here the Lens Shift mechanism … o HD82 has other vertical and horizontal … something very positive …

Unfortunately, we regret we found that the Visual of HD82 adheres to the optical design of the projector, infocus DLP which means mirrors and no Prism (as is the corresponding tactics of the benq). This means that after a few 100s of hours (exactly how many is unknown) got greet the 70-80% of ansi contrast of your projector ….

Here the first mirror …

It is not dust … is the blur (that hardly stands out in the photos-look at the corners are intact because it is outside the optic and you’ll understand) that literally kills the ansi contrast of the projector … and also reduces the brightness.

Here cleaned … mirror myself..

Internally, the remaining parts of the optic found in very good condition from dust issue.

And second mirror ….. Unfortunately … difficult disassembly because the mirror is stuck with black tape and any mistake can be fatal to the integrity …

And this black crap … the photos fail to show the real problem … that is the size of “blur” that destroys the reflective property of mirror …

Finally the time has come for the lamp … which was dismantled and scrubbed … Optoma HD82 unfortunately to have used the “cheap” series of high-pressure bulb Philips commonly found in Data Projectors.

Here to say that the bulb has no specific position that “sits” in housing (something very bad) and depending on the location, creates chromatic dispersion on white. Wants attention to placement and experimenting to find the most suitable position. For me a big foul on housing design of the lamp from the Optoma.

Once the headlamp was assembled … the first thing we did was to take measurements ….

Measurements after cleaning to 75 inch frame


144 lux (low lamp) from 119

201 lux (high lamp) from 162

on/off contrast 1352:1 of 1086:1

I.e. we have had approximately 20% increase in brightness and by approximately 30% in on/off contrast.

These numbers by themselves don’t say anything at all … the agony was our first to see if it fixed the odd problem with shades of gray and secondly whether he returned the familiar DLPadiki kontrastati picture on HD82.

At first, but with joy and amazement that we noticed the problem almost disappeared … even with the default settings in RGB, grayscale was clearly improved and uniform. What exactly was it that created the problem is something for which I’m not sure, I suppose dust on the color wheel and the sensor, I can’t imagine anything else.

For the second test we put well-known movie clips which we attended and before cleaning.

Here we stayed really speechless. Any words and I will not use anything to describe this change, is something you must see with your eyes to believe it. The projector was turned into a degree that really nor I myself waited. The huge veil that easily distinguished in all imifwteina and dark shots and that the xethwriazan image, disappeared completely.

I have clean, not to say thousands will say hundreds of projectors … If someone asked me to rate the image change on Optoma HD82 before and after cleaning … I would say with certainty that it is within the top ten.

Do you own a Optoma ID82 projector and has played several 100s of hours; Believe us, to proceed in cleaning is a “gift” that you make yourself. Such a change, for me is considered upgrading and indeed severe.

Attention! Due to the complexity of manufacturing the HD82, our advice is cleaning and disassembling and assembling the projector be done only by qualified technician.

On the other hand, if you feel able and decide to make such a “surgery” for yourself, then I think our guide will prove quite useful and if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us!

Some makeshift screen shots …

Good views of my friends!

Nikos Tswlas

Projection systems technician


  1. Rolf says:

    Great article. I have two working hd82’s and i have taken one apart and did clean it for dust. It had done 4000hrs and it was full of dust in the fans and colour wheel. But i did nor know about the mirrors before i read this article. Fuck, now i have to do it again. About the tape over the mirrors, did you replace it? The bulb did look ok but it only has 400 hrs on it.

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Thanks Rolf.Be careful with this mirror because it can be broken easily. I have replace the tape (is important for not loosing the mirror alignment in time). If you clean this mirror you will see a huge difference in ansi contrast, trust me.

  2. Jamal says:

    Mine one is optoma H180X. I curse the time when i opened it to clean the accumulated dust which was not creating problem at all. But afterwards, when i turned on the projector and focused the lense, dust appeared on the screen. I thoudgt DLP is sealed pack against the dust, but i was wrong. How to clean mirror and where it is located.??? I guessed the spot of its presense but dont know how to reach it as it is technically placed at very complex position. Plz guide.

  3. Eile says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC-zrRTTTps look at 1:35

    think your has the same easy way of cleaning the DMD from dust as hd70

  4. Sellig says:

    Even 2 year later, this post was extremely useful. Thank you Nikos.
    For a more step by step disassembly process: you should download the official Optoma service manual :

    You can see there that removing the aluminum ring is actually very simple.


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