If you do a search on google you will find that many holders of Optoma HD65 have reported a mysterious (and unresolved) problem concerning the specific projector.

The problem has to do with the fact that suddenly the projector stops starts the lamp. Many even believe that blame the bulb (in this course is to blame and the lamp light that lights up red) and progressing in new market only to find that … simply threw their money.

Because of that I repair both HD65 with this exact problem, makes me think that the repair below is the solution of the problem.

My practice, as I have found, is to writing technical informative article when I think this will help even one my fellow man to repair the projector. We said … the knowledge divide and should be free to all … but go to see the solution …

Many words are poverty say old and they are right, so go straight to the Chase. The problem comes from a transistor (N-channel power mosfet) and an optocoupler that deliver spirit. These materials are located in the projector ballast (lamp power supply), which is located at this point on the chassis and the fact that it is a “Combinatorial” harm, done automatically and very difficult to diagnose.


Go to see materials

Τhe transistor


The optocoupler


The two capacitors that have ticked is good be changed after we solve the projector and ballast we have in our hands.

This particular mosfet suffered from high temperatures and my aim is to give permanent and secure solutions … so I added and a “pantentarismeni” solution for cooling … Let’s see …



It is advisable to support somehow the Board to make the solder …


Also good is don’t be so “tsapatsoylides” … as I …


Here somewhere to say that this damage comes gradually, i.e. the projector starts some times (not always) not to start the lamp and then epideinwnete until it becomes a permanent problem.

I hope this article can help to repair the damaged Optoma you!

Good views of my friends!

Nikos Tswlas


  1. Anton says:

    Hi there, thank you for this write up.
    I have this problem and I have confirmed that it is the ballast not lighting up the bulb in my unit by trying a ballast from a working HD65.
    My question is where to source these components?
    I have had a very hard time finding them so far.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Juha says:

      You can find all items from eBay.com ( located in China). Mosfet is K3561 (2SK3561) and optocoupler from Nec with id 2581. I think, that type is PS2581AL2, because you can’t find it without letter A and L2 means for soldering to surface layer. Heat sink and thermal paste can be found from multiple sellers.
      I ordered today, so I’ll update after a month, if these componets are not the right ones.

      • Edward Estrada says:

        Hey Juha my projector has this issue can you help me figure out parts and im confused with the post
        Do I need 1 transistor and 1 optocoupler or?
        Also what about the 2 capacitors?

  2. Tommylee Storey says:

    I wanna by pass the ballast and put in led. but without the ballast it keeps restarting… What can I do make it think it’s there.? Any idea? Ballast is dead.

  3. will says:

    so i have same problem with my hd65.
    Did you solve mistake with change the mosfet K3561 and PS2581AL2 ?
    It ‘s not PS2581AL1 or effectively PS2581AL2 ?
    Best regards

  4. Edward Estrada says:

    Hello if possible can someone that has parts
    Link and correct parts please post?

  5. Jjames Drif says:

    I have trobble conecting my my computer with my projector HD65

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