Optoma HD300X full review (This is Sparta!!!!)

This weekend, the crew of the fanatical probolakidwn hosted at the home of friend George. George friend is new to video projection and chose to film companies, the new Optoma projector codenamed 300Ch.

It is practical for the DLP projector HD33 known monotsipo of the company. Modulation makes the letter X featuring a whole series. The only difference between the X series models is that Mommy’s not Optoma certifies materials and does not conduct diagnostic tests. Otherwise, it is oloidioi with the basic models, with advantage, of course, for the buyer the lowest commercial value.

It is therefore a 3D projector 1920ch1080 analysis, equipped with 2 HDMI digital inputs 1 VGA image for analog connection with older computers, 1 input color components (component) and 1 for simple video signal (composite). Features, of course, the classic serial port for interventions by technicians and one USB port for the same job. Finally, there is the link to the 3D and a trigger for synchronizing with the opening-closing of the screen.

This is Sparta from the Optoma towards ‘ sirens ‘ of competition who hear the name Benq 1070. As you understand, the HD 300X moving in the price category of 1070, ready holding company thermopiles!!

The nominal of brightness is 1600 Lumens, weight 4.5 kg, compact dimensions (W x D x H: 380 x 313 x 122mm) and comes in black color.

Unlike the 1070 not wearing short throw lens and does not have lens movement.

But, let’s go in the broth …

George had put the projector on a coffee table circa 3.5 meters away in order to open the 106 inches. Instead of classic screen, uses the available wall painted with a mix of colors to achieve a neutral gray tint at number 8 of the Munsell scale. It is true that with the specific color loses approximately 30% brightness, however, because of the many reflections of space, will be compensated by choosing better kontrast and less flushing in the picture. His source was the exceptional player in WD’s Second Edition.

Without wasting any more time, we caught ‘ job ‘. We adjusted the contrast/brightness key/sharpness facing originally a problimataki with sharpness. Did not have to do with fokoys, but with the overall feeling that we were to turbidity.

-Excluded, with none being so DLP projector, said Nick … … Maybe you got a eyeglass cloth; Asked George.

This was! After the very gentle cleansing in the lens, the veil has disappeared and the projector became known sense definition of monotsipwn. It wasn’t anything terrible, but, the cite to demonstrate that a subtle and imperceptible layer of dust can ruin the Visual effect.

The mode that I preferred to do calibration settings of the grayscale mode reference was because in the other, the projector showed a disturbing behavior with weird colors on tall paternaki IRE in Bars.

The intervention of Brilliant Color is subtle and not offensive as in the case of Benq (at least of the previous generation). The operation affects only the colours leaving intact the gradations of white. Generally, however, we prefer to have at off. The lamp came in high mode, because as we said, the gkrizaki of the screen cuts off a lot of light.

The first measurement was particularly encouraging and reassuring (the bars of the three primary colors in grayscale went in parallel, which is commemorating the easy calibration). The gamma that we got was excellent too!

Somewhat so we started:

With a few clicks the result we got was almost excellent (at least in grayscale)

Then we moved on … … … cakes!! Exquisite chocolate cake with cookies, which George had left us ‘ provocative ‘ on the table. We couldn’t resist (diets always starts on Mondays!).

Go on chrwmatakia. Unfortunately, the projector doesn’t have a cms, so few could do. The chart color triangle that we got:

Certainly not any reference, but insignificant. Then, we measured the contrast on/off the projector. The loyxometro gave us a price close to 2000:1. Price better than Benq 1070, from a projector which also does not use IRIS and one of the best for DLP projector without Iris (see high on/off the projector before the measure is true …)

Let’s go, though, and the impressions.

Firstly, the place of George is not the most ideal for video projection. It is a rectangular reception area adjoining the living room with white walls and very near the glazed entrance door. As perceived, the reflections made … party!! However, George as a bigoted cinephile, he thought some wonderful solutions ensuring the necessary waf (wife acceptance factor), greatly reducing the reflections of space and winning in image quality. Of course, bear in mind a few more speeches that literally will take off his image.

Why would it take off? Because the image received from the Optoma’s motorbike was wonderful!! It’s really quite interesting that the entry level price segment, the buyer can have such an image through space on 100 inches!! Attention … I’m talking about a typical picture in a typical living room rather than a picture in bat cave where everything is perfect. Yes, the picture we took in these conditions were excellent and poiotikotati.

Definitely the most old will have their objections, however, taking into account all factors (space, price, potential), today’s projectors around 1000 euros can really surprise with their image even demanding viewers.

We tested the known klipakia. The image, I’d say it’s on par with the 1070, with slightly better skin tone and the deepest black. This of course is just my impression of a, a and don’t see the 2 side-by-side projectors and viewing conditions were very different. In terms of definition would say that 1070 is one click ahead like color due to cms.

The 300aris handled beautifully all the difficult dark scenes, providing all details in low light. As general feeling is not left us unsatisfied in any field. As regards the motion … …. There we had some heart attacks!!

No, don’t worry … the projector and locks and plays correctly the 24 karedakia, however, this feature will always be disabled for George is in love with the Pure Motion (Frame Interpolation)!!

I have to admit (a and have relevant experience F.I. through the SVP) that the algorithm works exemplary. Although Nick next ate lyssaka and heard several sounds like:

Bgaltoooooooo, jam, binteila, palioframeinterpolakides … I can’t stand and other well-known arguments of stuck … … e, I wanted to say, traditional cinephile, the general feeling that left me the use of the algorithm was very positive and indicates that there have been many advances in achieving the result omaloteroy as possible with the fewest artifacts.

Unfortunately, our time was not enough to xepsachnisoyme as we would like the new ‘ baby ‘ of the Optoma, so we stay in these General and on insufficient information. So, we didn’t have the time to see how it behaves in 3D projector. We understand that you are very interested in the world and will take care in the future to cover and this parameter.

Be that as it may, the impressions they left us the 300aris was very positive. The machine stands a decent side to competition without problems. Of course we would like adding cms menus, but the lack of basis and charts that we got, is not considered a tragedy. Generally, it is a wonderful machine that the owners would really enjoy it to the fullest.

And some screenshots …

Good fun George and thank you very much for your hospitality! Good views!!

and a second opinion from Nick Tswla …

To start with, to thank George who hosted us on the site and which has allowed us for some hours to play with “baby”, the Optoma. For me start a new friendship marked this review.

Two logakia for the HD300X …

Talking about the # 1 competitor “asynagwnistoy” BenQ W1070.

The projector has a wonderful black for its class and leaves behind loose competition in this area. This made me a great impression for this mention and first …

The picture of course is fairly “soft” for DLP projector and would definitely like more to lovers of the SXRD LCD/tritsipwn than to DLPakides. I also have the impression that the colors are slightly more “normal” than all the DLP that I’ve seen lately …

In the State sector loses sharpness from 1070 BenQ (and from all the BenQ and not only) but not huge difference (in the beginning … before you clean the lens a bit we were alarmed yet again is the truth …)

My impression did that to come correct sharpness needed to poysaroyme quite the sharpness (probably so it works the Optoma slider).

From light … the projector has enough … in any other case the light of 1070. Don’t imagine someone dark projector …. all new 3D projectors can comfortably cover 120 ‘ screens or more … just some feature above and some light less …

Mention continually 1070 because is the direct rival of small Optoma, as also is and recent images in my mind (see comparative W7000 vs W1070).

If you currently have close to 1000 euros for buying a projector I’d be really in a quandary. Probably (I say probably …) will egerna to the Optoma due to its ability to deliver very good black … (black lover …. What do the “black”), unless the path up to the shop and with the “money in hand, I chanced upon the 1070 on the road. … then I don’t really know what I would do. ..

Negative to say the Alchemy that made the projector to RGB in IRE high (90-100, shown on charts) and that doesn’t come with anything. Very little bad since scenes with 90-100IRE at movies are minimal (and many not at all …)

Let’s go though a bit from Optoma and let’s move on to something that was a pleasant surprise for me. ..

George has a wonderful collection of miniatures and I cannot deny that I..

All cars have used the James Bond movies … 

Starships and “protagonists” of the film “Star Wars” … and not only …

Very nice way to “arranging” a Home Cinema … and I am absolutely Covenant …

As a final general conclusion in this review, I would say that with very little money in this day and age, not only buy projector with excellent image …. others have several options … utterly unthinkable for a while ago … eventually the “crisis” has its good side …

George the projectorjunkies wishes you good views!

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