New UST projector from Viewsonic (Χ1000-4Κ)

As everything shows, it’s time for Viewsonic to complete the series of projectors with the code X. The third model of this series has code named X1000-4K (the previous ones are X10-4K and X100-4K) and is of course the UST version with LED light source that comes to complete the series.

This projector had already been announced in January 2019 by Viewsonic  but now it’s time to see him on the market.

The X1000-4K is a UST projector with a throw ration of 0.25 which means that it will produce a 100 “image from a distance of about 50 points. Its characteristics are the following



Viewsonic sets its own course in video projection world by insisting on and evolving LED technology like no other company. We want to see such companies in the market, companies that have a restless spirit and create new innovative products! Well done Viewsonic!


The X1000-4K will be on the market until the end of this year at the price range of 2500$








  1. Mark says:

    Any idea when this is going to be released?

  2. Bonrath says:

    Do we know the price range?

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