New Epson home cinema projectors TW7300 TW9300

Epson revealed last week at an exhibition in New York the new LCD models for this year.

These are replacements of the well known and best sellers TW7200 and TW9200.

After two questionable mini upgrades that EPSON made in TW9xxx series ( TW9100 and TW9200 ) we think it is time for a radical change.


The new models will be called TW7300 and TW9300, and will finally have a completely new optical engine and lens (just to remind you that the optical and lens design remained almost the same from the distant TW600 το TW9200).

Particularly in the new lens Epson shows to make enough progress by removing the manual lens shift mechanism, zoom and focus and passing in a fully electronically controlled lens system.

This single change I think it will lead to dramatic improvement in focus problems that faced the series TW9XXX, so welcome!


There is significant improvement and design of optical engine as regards management of light with 2 irises, a classic auto iris in front of the lamp as we are accustomed and a built-in iris on the lens. Also this upgrade will surely bring great changes in dynamic contrast as even more discrete operation and improvement of the contrast in dark scenes.

The panel that the optical engine of the TW9300 use is the already known 0.74 D9 MLA from TW9200 and not the new one reflective of  LS1000.






In other areas the new Epson projector seem to have the last one has to display the image technology at this time.

Both models will feature the second generation Epson’s technology 4K Enhancement where it can displace each pixel diagonally of half pixel so it can project 4K material in the 1920×1080 HD frame of panels.

Of course there will be compatibility with the new HDR10 format that integrates into any ultra HD blu-ray disc for viewing such a material.

According to the company, the new models will be able to project 100% of DCI color triangle something that any other projector (even tv) has not succeeded so far, although they have reached very close (here let’s keep small basket until the review).




  • LCD Technology
  • Analysis 1920Ch1080
  • 4K Enhancement, HDCP 2.2
  • HDR Compatible
  • Wide Gamut – full DCI color space
  • Electric Lens shift ± 96.3% vertically and ± 47.1% horizontal
  • Lens Memory for different aspect ratios
  • Electric Zoom 1.3 x and Focus
  • Brightness 2500 lumens (2300 lumen for the TW7300)
  • 1, 000, 000, dynamic contrast
  • 3D Compatible
  • 250W lamp
  • Lamp lifetime 5000 hours (eco mode), 3500 hours (normal mode)
  • Dimensions 450 x 170 x 520 mm
  • Weight 11 kg



Video of the presentation




Finally must say that these new models will be launched in August and prices will certainly range above the psychological threshold of 3,000$.




Good views!

Nikos Tsolas

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