To clarify from the outset in order to avoid misunderstanding, it is an unequal battle because both headlights belong to two completely different categories.

But my curiosity about what exactly what I would see if I put them side by side eventually prevailed.

For the individual projectors do not have to say a lot for both have become their respective reviews, so let’s move straight into battle

The headlights were superimposed and our first job was to kentraroyme 92ari our frame correctly by both.


As a source we used media player WD gen3 and average a HDMI splitter 1 in powered 4-2, the two headlights.

To say that both headlights kalimpraristikan as best as possible.


w1500 after w1500 colors after


x35 after x35 colors standrd

Let’s see …

For beginning to say that the JVC before W1500 seems to not work. It is completely silent and only when you opt in high lamp mode you realize that have fans inside of that turn.

I decided not to deal at all with comparisons to a reference and paterns had ticked both spotlights a few days earlier and to dwell solely on viewing material.

I spent again many scenes, clips from well-known movies watching when in one and when the other projector.

The first shots in my bright thoughts was that here we have an absolute tie … and I continued to watch …

Awesomely bright and medium shots for both, with the BenQ shows slightly brighter in very light scenes and the JVC kontrarei him in straight in ansi contrast.

I spent at least an hour trying to discover differences and who outweighs where.

I concluded that the JVC outweighs globally in sharpness (acuity not-beware). O better and more expensive lens made the difference. What if I was trying to kentrarw the best focus of W1500, the difference was always there, a little more noticeable.

Trying to focus on black objects in bright footage to understand their differences in ansi contrast I came to the following conclusions.

The JVC has reached the DLP in ansi contrast and differences that existed, not long ago, before 2-3 years, they have really evaporated. But to be perfectly fair, the DLP and still have a slight lead.

The W1500 was slightly impressive in light and medium shots, could better clutching black in bright scenes and generally’d get a slightly more three-dimensional image from the X35 to the notice had the headlights play a b, side by side that is otherwise much harder yet you take it.

Unfortunately, fortunately, even today the DLP shows the way in these kind of shots and have the audacity (because this is supercilious) to look into the eyes of any projector of rival camps regardless of price. The maximum on/off contrast of X35 here was not to offer nothing at all.

Dark shots

Here things were clear because the X35 was playing ball on the field with “milimeno” referee. The W1500 not only lose in State, and other down with hands. It wasn’t only the veil that you did most strongly in every dark scene, but also the lack of information from the scenes that were important. On the other hand, the X35 actually painted and became increasingly impressive in my eyes because every time I had a reference point (W1500) to discern the blacklevel produced the which was … alien … If the fulminating binteoproboloerwtas like feeling … one thing is certain … feel with X35 in dark scenes …


I enlisted my generous that anime high resolution I had so I can see scenes full of colors. The two headlights were very close and my eyes with equally satisfied …

I can give no clear explanation was the impressive W1500 slightly in most scenes. The colour palette was overflowing really off the screen. I swear it had better color saturation to the colors as they had not. What to say … the DLP in colors are “dogs”, what if paideyontai others to make better colors, what if evolve technologically, their vision is here to “say” to everyone.

In normal movies differences reduced and another. There the headlights reached a point very close to play the color still other W1500 and had the lead by showing more balanced and more “warm” to the eye giving you the impression that the colors are more “cluttered” than his opponent. Natural skin and of the two, no end nor in secondary colors … absolute balance. Tritsipo intended to construct their W1500 and skidded along the way, cannot be explained otherwise this analog cinematic feel (the JVC has anyway) from DLP projector. Ah … It was better to sharpen …

Continuing the tests I found that while the headlights were measured brightness difference in favour of W1500, in most scenes my eye perceive exactly the opposite. I swear that the JVC produced 2-3fl above, while in essence earning 8 less. This explain rather than the much higher on/off of X35. When black is much deeper, then even a small amount of light the guess as dazzling and JVC exploit it to the fullest, giving you the impression that it is more bright!

A strange phenomenon that I found was this. While in dark scenes the Χ35 actually painted … and “patage” easily the W1500, when on stage appeared light, a characteristic example of the first scene in the fifth element that suddenly within (in total darkness), Earth appears black and the contrast of the go walk so directly that you thought some IRIS open-closed and suddenly take W1500 sceptres. The human eye perceives otherwise a projector when from 1300:1 (on/off contrast) in dark scenes with bright objects fall to 400-500:1 (ansi contrast), and otherwise a searchlight suddenly by 30-40,000:1 (on/off contrast) suddenly falls again at 400-500:1 (ansi contrast). The second case is quite more intense and disturbs …


Here things darken dangerously for the large notch …

For starters I tried both headlights with disabled any assistance on their menu (frame interpolation) to see what fish they catch.

In this area the W1500 outweighs the X35 with little difference other clear. In those scenes, and if I spent the drive was smoother in the BenQ.

Frame interpolation on…

In review of W1500 had talked about the best interpolation frame I’ve seen correctly? Yes it is the best that I have seen.

With frame interpolation on and watching the same scenes in both, the artifacts and the breaks they made party in X35 while in the camp of BenQ everything went smoothly.

Clear winner little in this area … by far I would say.

Go to see some photographic material though …

I tried to take screenshots as best as possible so he can get out any conclusion from you readers. Be aware that the camera lens is impossible to capture the very high contrast and many (most) cases wronged the projector with the highest contrast (especially on dark scenes). Generally it is a good idea is to not remove definite conclusions from screenshots.

On the JVC and down o W1500

DSC00767 DSC00685

DSC00764 DSC00683

DSC00763 DSC00682

DSC00760 DSC00680

DSC00758 DSC00679

DSC00756 DSC00678

DSC00753 DSC00675

DSC00673 DSC00169

DSC00749 DSC00672

DSC00747 DSC00671

DSC00744 DSC00670

DSC00743 DSC00667

DSC00740 DSC00666

DSC00739 DSC00665

DSC00733 DSC00662

DSC00732 DSC00661

DSC00731 DSC00660

DSC00730 DSC00659

DSC00728 DSC00658

DSC00726 DSC00657

DSC00725 DSC00656

DSC00723 DSC00654

DSC00721 DSC00649

DSC00719 DSC00648

DSC00716 DSC00646

DSC00712 DSC00644

DSC00711 DSC00643

DSC00710 DSC00641

DSC00709 DSC00640

DSC00708 DSC00637

DSC00303 DSC00653

Sorry that’s not alluded to at all in 3D other there wasn’t time to do more tests … I reserve for the foreseeable future.


My own conclusion after viewing hours is that ….. You cannot have everything in this life. What would you like?

Black, sharpness, the chassis (with all electrical goodies) and JVC’s placement facilities … with the ansi, the colors and movement of BenQ.

To say otherwise …

I would like the BenQ with best black, less veiled and better lens.

I would like the JVC with better movement and the largest possible ansi contrast in order to balance the chaos between on/off and ansi … (and it’s a little lighter VRE, my child … you cut the average to move this projector.)

A big Bravo to JVC that manufactures both wonderful headlights, kuro video’s, pioneer and evolve rapidly LCOS technology giving us every year with better headlights than the previous who constitute the benchmark for everyone.

Also a big well done to the BenQ, that still gives us honest DLP projectors, with excellent picture in relation to their price and who does not hesitate to put them with any opponent, because they have weapons … insurmountable yet. …

Enjoy your views

Nikos Tswlas

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