For JVC have written hymns … many drink water on their name and others consider them the top video implementations currently in the world. But let us begin …

What is the JVC?

JVC H was founded back in 1927 in Japan and worked on the production of turntables (gramophones) and disks. Later (1932) dealt with the manufacture of radios and in 1939 presented the first anatolians tv. The story has stayed as the company that invented and established the well-known us VHS format, making the first video in late 1976.

What is the relationship with JVC’s video projection;

The JVC entered the world of video in 1997 by constructing the first LCD projector with 640 × 480 resolution using its own LCOS panels manufacturing. From the start of the JVC devoted himself to projectors for professional use and spent years, 10 for accuracy, till the JVC is satisfied that the technology was ideal for making home cinema projectors.

So hopefully reached in 2007 where the JVC announced its first complete home cinema realising the DLA-HD1 agitating the waters with the “scary” high on/off native contrast (15000:1). From there onwards the evolution is pretty much known to us all.

The Χ35 is the latest model that has kept from last year by renewing only the most expensive of the series.

Let’s see what it is about …

The Χ35 is a great projector and when I say large I mean a machine 15 kg and dimensions half x half metre approx.

DSC00281 DSC00283 DSC00284

Here compared to other projectors to realize the size of …

DSC00285 DSC00287

To say the X35 you can get it in two colors, black and white … both are wonderful.


Together with the X35 will pick up and the inaccessibility of which remains the same from the X3 series


The Χ35 is really new model and has no relation to the earlier series X30 and X3. Wearing new lamp 230W NSH 220W UHP’s replacement in the previous series. The changes don’t stop there. O X35 has a new PSU, new ballast, new scaler board (with solved all the problems of the previous series) and new firmware. There are differences in the optical engine.

The projector comes without 3D glasses and RF emitter which must buy extra if you want to see 3D.

The X35 with 2 x zoom lens, shift 80% vertical and 34% horizontal can literally get into any lounge or exclusive home cinema room. Can open 100 inches from 3.1 up to 6.2 meters.

From the connections X35 has 2 HDMI, serial port for reading errors, or a change in first-level settings in basic image parameters, the connection port RF emitter, trigger port, door network and an analog port chrwmodiaforwn. Also on the rear side there are also controls operation of the projector.


The JVC Announces 1300 lumen brightness for X35 and on/off native contrast the unreal 50,000:1

Do not forget to say that in X35 everything is electric … zoom, focus, lens shift all operate from the projector’s remote control.

Let’s take a look at the menu of X35 …


The X35 has no CMS sliders as we have accustomed the JVC in small models, little evil if the projector comes with an acceptable color triangle from the factory in Japan … in Japan I said; clerical … the projector is made in China now as almost everything around us. To take a look at the projector’s menu …





Very important to adjust pixel that allows the user to correct any discrepancy in the convergence of panels. It works but a whole pixel and it does not help if you e.g. our projector loses half a pixel.





This is probably the strongest of the X35 buffer. Adjust gamma and RGB per 10 IRE and per 5 below 20 IRE. Talk about a miracle, that allows the operator to adjust the gamma and RGB projector with tremendous accuracy.


Here the common RGB sliders that have almost all modern headlights


But let’s see what “wrote” measuring instruments …


The X35 the set up opposite the 92ari frame us and we started the measurements, let’s look at the measurements taken from the natural default mode.

x35 before

You wouldn’t say that the graph is and ideal, particularly in the gamma that is constantly under the benchmark 2.2 culminating in high above 60 IRE.

Little bad … This lovely gamma slider-RGB projector has only requires patience and cheerfulness to the projector settings such as anyone else ever. Actually you can bring the X35 IDEAL. See the graph below and you’ll understand …

x35 after

You said nothing? In love with slider projector first time feel. As delightfully different charts so it is the enjoyment you get watching the results in the picture.

Color unfortunately the projector not regulated due to lack of other CMS evil is really small … because the color of the triangle is quite good … to incredibly good …

x35 colors standrd

The Χ35 features option in the menu for extended color triangle which names it wide and got tempted to measure …


Let’s look at this ….

x35 colors wide

The series had the brightness measurement with the projector kalimprarismeno. Here to say that the X35 has a mechanical IRIS so that you can fully control the light you want to throw on your screen. To see …

  • Low lamp-IRIS completely closed 127 lumen lux 297
  • High lamp-IRIS completely closed 167 390 lumen lux
  • Low lamp-IRIS fully open 249 582 lumen lux
  • High lamp-IRIS fully open 310 725 lumen lux

And at full power (dynamic mode) with high bulb and IRIS end open

  • 395 lux 924 lumen

Thankfully, came the time for the measurement of on/off contrast …

You sit?


Sit …

I got two measurements … a with the lowest possible brightness with the IRIS completely closed and lamp in low and a with IRIS fully open and lamp at high

  • High lamp-IRIS fully open 31,500:1
  • Low lamp-IRIS completely closed 44,000:1

No … the striking is not the “inconceivable” native 44,000:1.

Impressive To be that lumen brightness 725 manages and keeps it really inconceivable 31,500:1 on/off contrast. When they close the panels of X35 … just swallow the light … What to say …

If you want to calculate the ultimate black of X35 abut hereinafter # …

127 lux / 44.000 = 0,0028 lux

0,0028 lux /3.14 = 0,0009 nits

Indeed … IE black better than Pioneer Kuro plasma TVs. …

Just unbelievable for native on/off contrast.

Here somewhere to say that the projector was measured with under 10 hours and color will definitely change in behavior after the 60-70 hours they will have opened spectral lamp.


First impression with that xepaketarisa the X35 of me. We are talking about a large, very large and heavy projector to be hung on the ceiling requires very serious basis and at least 2 people.

Impressive and imposing in matte black color attracts the attention even when not in use …


With that I X35 the positive impression made me great brightness. Brightness for all tastes. It has a highly incremental IRIS that lets you tweak the levels of light precisely where you want and where to meet … not at approximately.

I chose to play in 92-inch frame with lamp in low Position and IRIS 2/3 closed. With these settings, the X35 gave me the wonderful 16fl on my screen.

The second impression of the great lens. The electric focus allows you to easily do a perfect focus and lens shift and power zoom to make the frame in no time.

After I focused the lens as best I could, I started to put paternakia in order to get a first impression of performance.

My impressions regarding the sharpness is excellent. The focus of exceptional from side to side on the screen, strokes and lines in affine paterns excellently and generally understand at first glance that has to do with a very good lens which has rightly setaristei over at optical projector.

The topic of color aberration, however, things aren’t so rosy … There is the themataki, which comes as a confirmation that the tritsipes color aberration phenomenon implementations are common. The unique headlights (tritsipoys) that I take my hat off to this area is the exact order of sony (VW80-85-90-95) that the lens is really for seminars.

From the projector convergence issue was excellent and it didn’t even deal with pixel adjust available as an option on the menu. Generally you must admit that those JVC I have seen lately (and I have seen at least 5-6) show very good behavior at the convergence theme which means that at the factory and in particular on the part of manufacturing, quality control becomes very good work and not allow piece that is not configured correctly to come out on the market.

The next test was to put white tab in order to observe chromatic dispersion. I stayed there with his mouth open. The Χ35 does not indicate anywhere that it is tritsipo projector and white that is completely smooth edge-to-edge display without a trace or color shades. JVC honours in this area.

After I finished with the reference where the paterns JVC spent all superb, weather was to go in the broth … I started to put klipakia from movies that I know very well, so I get the first taste … the first taste was …

Wow suite …

Have made strides forward in JVC was the first thing that xestomisa …

Picture kontrastati with sunny bright colors and excellent shots. The projector with the first touch showed me that the greatest improvement achieved by the Japanese engineers was that the ansi contrast.

Take an oath that the picture you see in bright and imifwteina shots come from DLP and LCOS-LCD rather than-SXRD.

The improvement in ansi contrast appear even if you compare the X35 with the previous X30 model just happened and I had available at the time of review.

In the medium and bright footage (the Achilles heel of General tritsipwn) projector paint. Excellent sharpness, correct acidity (with the sliders of acidity in default location), very good, excellent contrast brightness …. What else could you possibly want from a projector?

Yeah I can imagine and something else that I wanted from my projector … can support someone … Black!

In the field of black and generally dark scenes the JVC is not as King. When you fell the first statue stayed dark scenes. Comes the dark scene in a movie … and you don’t want it to end. There’s low ratings tend to infinity and it gives the impression that laughs sarcastically and their specific directors telling them mockingly … only this you? Write and other information there in the darkness because I got bored and gape …

I can not in any way convey my experience watching dark shots on X35 … is something you should see for yourself to be convinced.

Of course to make a clarification here somewhere. The X35 has terrible performance features dark shots, has a deep black and huge on/off contrast makes the difference but …

If placed in a common area with classic reflections (which we all have in our lounges) then don’t expect that you will experience this magic. The landing will be abnormal and the destruction of three-dimensional dark shots given. It may not seem so intense the event, watching with a projector that features black 0.01 nits, other phenomenon was multiplied exponentially when the black touches us unconscionable 0.0009 nits and there is that even the most ignorant understands that terrible black headlight went walk because of reflections …

Somewhere here to say that the image of the projector before and after the calibration had nothing to do and I am not talking about color or RGB scale temperature. Talking about the setting of gamma and the dark scenes.

Because the X35 can and really reaches very low black level when the kalorythmisoyme and take advantage of the ability to perform correctly the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 IRE of low graded scale of gray, then really the projector transforms. Our eyes are revealed details in dark shots of scenes that aren’t going to ever see other implementations or haven’t had the chance ever to see until today. All this without a trace of the veil and with 3D texture as if we activate 3D option.

So much difference in these low gradients before and after setting, don’t we normally spotlights with “normal” on/off contrast because quite simply there are no these gradations in their capabilities, so even the perfect setting to do it, we can’t see something that our projector cannot be shown.

Take an example of before and after the fine tuning per 1 gamma’s ire to understand what I mean …

before Meta


Here things are not so rosy for the X35. The movement in the frame without 24hz interpolation enabled, do not mark and … smooth. On the other hand if you activate the frame interpolation even in smaller setting …. becomes the battle of Dramali from artifacts at every opportunity … damned if you do and damned if X35 movements IE …

But we have said enough for the little JVC and is good to move on some screenshots so you get an idea!


The following screenshots, the double up is with the color triangle in the wide position

x35 colors wide1

and down in standard position

x35 colors standrd1

The lift because me personally many scenes I liked the wide position and because we must look like “goystaroyme” and not as set by each ISF or THCh or any aytodiorizomenos image guru, so I entered the trouble and pulled these screenshots. The differences in the color triangle does the image not seen as doing the wrong gamma or the wrong RGB. In theme colors as you will see in the screenshots the important is that we like to see and not that I propose, therefore, moreover, is not at all annoying and deterrent that CMS has not X35 on its menu.

Let’s see … remember … wide top and bottom srandard..

DSC00810 DSC00764

DSC00809 DSC00763

DSC00807 DSC00760

DSC00804 DSC00750

DSC00803 DSC00749

DSC00802 DSC00747

DSC00799 DSC00743

DSC00798 DSC00739

DSC00797 DSC00733

DSC00796 DSC00732

DSC00794 DSC00728

DSC00793 DSC00726

DSC00792 DSC00725

DSC00789 DSC00721

DSC00786 DSC00716

DSC00785 DSC00715

DSC00782 DSC00712

DSC00780 DSC00711

DSC00777 DSC00710

DSC00775 DSC00709

DSC00774 DSC00708

DSC00773 DSC00707

DSC00769 DSC00705


The X35 is a great projector and you can hardly find opponent in the price category that you are moving. Incredibly black, inconceivable, colors, contrast perfectly adequate light and very good clarity. All in one.

Of course there are areas that we would like to see improvement as moving and the ansi contrast (so as to eliminate the phenomenon of imaginary IRIS) other than the other I’m sure the Japanese engineers are already hunched over in their stalls and evolve …

The future of OLED televisions are on, say on projectors LCOS be?


Good views

Nikos Tswlas

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