JVC DLA-X9… repair for strong stomachs …

Before some time came into my hands a JVC projector with a bizarre injury. The projector doesn’t recognize any input signal from both HDMI ports.

In the past I have encountered again the specific harm, which was solved by replacing the mainboard else this time I “look” a little above. The reason is that the mainboard for the older models of JVC (X9-X90-X95) are scarce and expensive.

I admit that was the most difficult and strenuous lifting injury (electronic in nature, because there are no visual damage which go back ..) I’ve done so far, in 15 years I deal exclusively with projector repair, so I felt good to make this article and share with you the “Calvary” me.

Let’s see …. In summary …



This is the projector mainboard in which there are both “problematic” HDMI ports …


Here we see the HDMI receiver chip of Silicon Image and two HDMI inputs … the first two suspects …


“Unfortunately” the inputs HDMI was fine and I proceeded to an examination of his own chip and accessories materials.

The first finding was that 2-3 capacitors on the rear side of the chip was short circuited … talking about materials that some are the size of pin head …


After mature reflection I decided to make a change all the capacitors in the circuit of receiver HDMI … 30 in total … because I couldn’t be sure which ones were ready to collapse in the near future …


It was a painful process that lasted days and not simply hours. … working constantly with dental tools (due to its small size) and magnifying lens … all the “hand” please … 🙂

The risk of someone onboard corridor by working continuously at high temperature during detachment existing … on the razor’s edge literally the whole process …

Fortunately in the end everything seemed to go well …


Short left and all showed that we were ready to try ….

It does not … no reaction from the entrances … in any signal and if visitation …

In the rain … literally …

Next stop?

HDMI receiver chip

Talk about a chip 20mm with 20mm X 144 ft. … “mamma mia” i.e. …


The hardest part is the detachment … because you can very easily destroy one of the 144 receptors … papala and. .. all the effort and the work that you have done … other and every hope of mainboard repair.

The icing on the cake is that this chip is not stuck only to their feet and others have a big “blind” surface beneath them who are glued to the Board (grounding).

The only good thing is that a problem in delamination chip is not interested in the chip itself or any damage that would cause … others only to “survive” the Board.

With great patience and attention … the detachment became …


The chip course “had suffered” a little …



The series had the onboard cleaning and gluing the new chip.

Here to say that the chip receiver HDMI of Silicone Image is quite scarce and “pinched” in their honor.


After very careful soldering process … the result exceeded all expectations … the real work is stunning …



The series had to taste the fruits!! The test that is!

The maiboard was placed on the projector, the firmware xanaperastike and Boura. …..

It does not …. that would be worked.. 🙂

Unfortunately the two HDMI ports the projector still and was dead although now tried for several seconds to lock … other … nothing ….

Frustration …

(Basically it took me long enough until you realize … that we …  🙂 )

What followed …?

H continuation of the torture me physically!

Detaching the chip and scrutiny … everywhere …

First finding … the chip burned!! (here somewhere glitwsa stroke in para five.)

Second point … a corridor short circuited …

Third finding … don’t ever give up! Let’s go again from the beginning!

This maiboard is built with many layers and not two (upper and lower).

We have a short circuit in some layer of the Board … damage that is permanent and irreversible … (Yes.. well..  🙂 )

Then came the hour of completion of my last thought … to trofodotisw current with laboratory power supply, piece by piece, the specific path that presented the brachykylwma with 3-4 amper, so the short circuit to “burn” from the temperature that is generated because of speech high resistance-small surface.

“Grocery store” I know …

others I did. … I had nothing to lose … It was the last and my only choice.


At first, the short-circuit has disappeared!!!

Again, gluing the second chip and Boura for testing!!! (for the record was not as easy as it sounds the placement of the second chip.)








One picture equals a thousand words … how right was he that the proto-said …


As for me?

I urgently need a vacation …. 🙂

Good views!

Nikos Tswlas


  1. Good afternoon. I have a jvc dla x30 and the mailboard is broken. Do you know where can i get the replacement ? Thanks

  2. Panayiotis Modestou says:

    Dear sir,
    I have a DLA-HD950 that it doesn’t work no lambs working and a strange noice tak tak it comes out of the projector. I believe is the power supply. Can you fix it?

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