Last years JVC has established itself as the company “report” as regards the construction of home cinema projector. For those who don’t know we are talking about the company that invented the LCD panel reflection and catapulted the native contrast in competition rocketing.

This year the new JVC models focusing on another improvement, one that perhaps we never except from JVC and I am talking about the very large increase in brightness.

In this review we present you the entry-level model who is none other than the X5000.






The X5000 is essentially the replacement of X500 which we presented in detail here in projectorjunkies last year. Lets go and look some of the strong cards of X5000..



New advanced 4K e-shift that promises improved image in 2K and 4K.



Basic RGB



New clear motion drive for even better motion and sharpness.




Latest generation D-ILA 0.7 panels with surprisingly little space between the pixels





Pixel alignment setting independently in 121 districts and to 1/16 of pixel!





Electric zoom lens/focus/shift lens makes positioning the projector in space a piece of cake.






Let’s see and its basic characteristics

  • D-ILA Technology
  • 1700 lumen brightness
  • Contrast of 40,000:1 (400, 000:1 dynamic)
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatible
  • Zoom 2x
  • Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 Compatible Inputs



As you already understand talking about a projector that features in his arsenal that has to demonstrate the technology of video nowadays and our joy we found in our hands for this great review.

Our projector came new, sealed in box. Needless to say that the unboxing process is always a moment of pleasure …

The Chronicle of a X5000 disappearance 🙂







Yes, we had and a second one…just in case… 🙂




The build quality of this projector is truly incredible and reminiscent a tank ….




Only completely necessary ports…




The well known DILA remote also exists in X5000




When we put the X5000 roughly opposite the screen and we were ready to fire it on, a small problem encountered … we had to convince the pictured miss that for a few hours will not be “anchored” in her favorite spot because “we will bother her.”…. all easy to say but believe us it is her own space where we are the hosts and not the other way around as many believe..  🙂










For the X5000 ‘s menu we could do an entire review, believe me, is huge, full, wide-ranging and designed to cover every need even for projector “junkies” like us. Let’s take a look, it’s worth it …


When you press the menu button it displays the following image with settings for basic image parameters



By clicking on the picture mode the following tab appears where we can adjust parameters such as the clear black, lamp Watt and of course the iris function of X5000





Clear black is working great, it increases the contrast and sharpness with very elegant way. The first picture is with clear black on high and the second one with clear black off. You can clearly see the beneficial deference..



Entering the color profile we can find a full CMS..



The options that we have before we move on detailed regulation of each color are enough I would say ….




Here the configuration option of each color separately.



Next stop is choosing color temp. Here except that we can choose a temperature from the already existing table, we are able to adjust separately the three primary colors that make up the entire grayscale.




Next stop the gamma sub-menu. Here too, the options that gives the X5000 to its owner are many … too many …





X5000 gives us the possibility to adjust the gamma of each color separately!



Next stop the MPC . Here we can activate the 4K e-shift and adjust some specific sharpening parameters of the image





Then we find the familiar frame interpolation in his latest version split into two parameters, Clear motion and Motion enhance. Clear motion generate some extra frames in order to have smoother image movement..



Enhance motion reduces the “blur” in fast scenes..



What you saw so far concerned the first tab of the menu … said something? 🙂 Let’s move on to the second one …



We can masking our image in every possible way …



JVC argues that the X5000 give the best 3D we’ve ever seen from a projector with zero Crosstalk, here is the menu …



We can move our image in frame, very useful, at least in the movies with  2.35:1 aspect ratio



On third tab we find lens controls through which we can adjust zoom and focus and lens shift




In the same menu we find the Adjust Screen option. JVC  has done some serious work here having recorded the color behavior of most screens trade and passing directly the suggested settings to get the desired color neutrality that is the main goal.

Information can be found at the following link




The pixel adjust of X5000 touches perfection. Although completely useless in the case of our own (our X5000 had almost perfect convergence), 121 areas that you can separate settings and calibrate the 1/16 pixel guarantee that as long as coexistence with this projector convergence is something that will not concern us ever …








Finally the last three records have some secondary sliders as well as various information …




This was a fast look on the X5000 menu!

Next stop, measurements …





O X5000 has many ready-made picture modes, gamma and temp. To measure everything and to present to you would not have any meaning. So I chose three standards modes with the default options in RGB and gamma in order to get an idea.

default cinema mode


default nature mode


default animation mode



Based on the mode nature with the options of 2.3 gamma and 6500 degrees kelvin in RGB (in which reduced further in blue and green) we got the following very good results.





Lets see the measurements in three color profiles …

Standard color profile

stantard colors

Cinema color profile

cinema colors

Anime color profile

anime colors



As you find yourselves in Standard mode color  X5000 showcases great behavior having expanded color triangle because of over saturated  green, yellow and red. Of course this is the mode you have chose in order to do further calibration.


Here are some detailed brightness and contrast measurements …



The first conclusion is that the JVC continues to announce the actual brightness of the projector with the 1630 calibrated lumen to be naturally surprisingly close to reportable 1700.

The second conclusion is that although the contrast of X5000 is slightly reduced compared to its predecessor X500 something normal if we consider the huge numbers of brightness.

The third conclusion is that this year the “small” JVC with 26,226:1 native and 487.000:1 dynamic contrast has by far the better contrast in the market in this price category.

The fourth conclusion is that X5000 is now considered one of the most bright projectors on the market. Can meet comfortably screens up to 150-160 inches. This is something that we could not even imaging some years ago..






I started with the basics that are converging and the sharpness.

In the matter of convergence the first impression is that JVC has done incredible work. Such convergence really meet very difficult to tritsipo projector, each time better and I would say for the JVC. Out of the 100 X5000 gets 97 if it helps to understand how well is the convergence of panels in the model that I had in my hands (of course without alter the corresponding slider).


By definition the X5000 also displays excellent behavior. Making use of the electric focus can you really achieve excellent focus throughout the length and width of the screen.

The lens of X5000 has acknowledged improvements in points compared to its predecessor in accordance with other JVC how findings can be such a change when the former demonstrated excellent behavior. Aristi is the signal processing as it passes very well the paternaki 1:1 pixel mapping something traditionally makes it difficult for the tritsipes implementations.

Somewhere here to mention one of the great advantages of the 6th generation DILA panels, the minimum clearance between the pixel. To see that the image is composed of pixel will have to solder your face on the screen literally, from normal viewing distance is impossible to distinguish one ends and the other begins pixel, image receiving solid feel



Next nonuniformity white station. The white variety is a topic on the systemic concerns tritsipoys headlights. The X5000 displays as progenitors of the Thoroughbred DLPadiki behavior, with white uniform from edge to edge of screen without mysterious nuances or shadings. Arista and here for the little JVC, not that I was expecting something else.



light … very light

From the paternakia already put in X5000 and before I even do measurements had realized that this projector does not have any relation to his predecessors on the subject light.

Can yield by lumen as kalimprarismenos 700 1600 depending on appetites of its owner. This translates as a view from ‘ 92 to ‘ 160 inches without the projector to transpire.

The 96 inches of my screen was butter on bread for the X5000 you could of put “fire” if it choose. H Manual IRIS really makes miracles anymore because without this small screens like mine would face a serious problem yperfwtismoy. It is understood that as long as I had in my possession X5000 the bulb was able low and the IRIS completely closed except for some cases that I play satellite HD material, day, with open Windows, and my smile came close to reaching the ear … I had before me a bright tv 96 inches, so just …

Evil and quite normal I would say, is that with the large increase in brightness and increased need for better cooling of the lamp and the optical machine in General. This resulted in increased operating noise of cooling system compared to its predecessor, something which is clearly negative point which should be mentioned. In any case, the X5000 was not on DLP little theme no longer other noise and completely inaudible X500 it replaced.

A possible point of X5000 that I found when viewing and I must say it is the amazing sharpening algorithms has in his arsenal.

Black clear slider works surprisingly increasing sharpness and contrast in the image without creating unfortunate events like a classic poysarisma of sharpness for example.

If you play correctly with the other sliders such as enhance or dynamic contrast image with which he confronted really has no opponent.

If the feedings by good HD material remain with the mouth open from the granularity and detail that collect your eyes and your brain decodes.

Unfortunately can’t catch from the camera’s lens this acidity which you will receive as a spectator, is something you have to see it live so you can get your Visual neurons in the highest degree.






Here the X5000 shows improved in points compared to its predecessor. Neutrality and linear gradients are the main feature. The right shades of grey combined with smooth gradations of color palette gives a complete and completely neutral effect in the eyes of the viewer leaving him “free” to travel in the world created by Director for him.

This color neutrality gives to X5000 the ability to render the skin tones with great naturalness.







Dark scenes

Here I didn’t expect anything else from what I saw. The X5000 is “the king” in this area and this does not fit any questioning. The way panels swallows the light when the frame is black touches the limits of unreality.

If not, activate the automatic IRIS, which I must admit that it is very discreet, then viewing dark scenes jumps at levels that not even you could imagine before.

The positive with the iris of X5000 is that you can save the manual first in the location that you want in order to get the correct brightness and then activate the automatic starting to work out what exactly the point.

The ansi contrast of X5000 also is in top for projector tritsipo levels, doing scenes like the following to come literally from the cloth in our living room.








With the latest generation F. I in the arsenal of the X5000 can now boasts very good final result in the topic frame 24hz motion. Having the clear motion drive and enhance motion in low position the result you will receive is simply fabulous. Flawless move without trace binteilas and frame free from every kind of articles. What else can anyone ask for?

But putting the clear motion drive in high position umzug smoothed and other other things didn’t go so well. There are some momentary annoying hook mess-up which always at random points, sample that the processor beats red trying to process such a large amount of data.

Generally I would say that putting the F. I X5000 in low position to just “clean” in motion and enjoy your movie now without any annoying blemish or imperfection in the image in motion.






O X5000 HDR certified and can view materials k UHD. O why in this review will not deal at all with this format is that it is very early in a is in fact a “baby” that has just been born, to talk about what will or studying announcing will do is inappropriate as you understand.  Daily changing the specific standards and standards to a degree which verges on the gemstone. Maybe in the coming years to employ us, nobody knows, but in any case this year.






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The X5000 is a dream projector. Combines enormous luminosity capable of illumine each possible screen dimension, with incredibly low black which is the trademark of JVC. If we add to the equation, and the amazing convergence/sharpness, the tremendous ease of placement with the electric vertical and horizontal lens shift and the “infinite” sliders image customization features, then we are talking about one of the most complete purchase price proposals.





Price: 4,499 euros









Good views!

Nikos Tswlas

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