It was many years before, in the 1970s, when Paul Darbee by experimentation with two cameras and a proportional binteomikti was discovering an optical illusion that made the picture to acquire depth and three-dimensional texture.  From then after many years until Paul Darbee decided to start gradually implements his idea in digital format now.

In 2009 he founded the DarbeeVision Inc instrument which managed to construct an electronic device on smart phone size that could be processed in real time high resolution video means special algorithms, resulting in greater image sharpness, contrast and depth. This device is manufactured exclusively in America, came into production in 2012, costing close to $ 300 and is called DVP5000 Darblet Darbee.

The DarbbeVision not Inc manufactures and sells only this device. Trades and Darbee algorithm, which more and more third-party image the devices incorporate in their Software.

Many good words were written last year for Darbee, particularly on the other side of the Atlantic, and many image fans of drink water in his name.

Such a device has arrived in my hands recently and got a glimpse of its potential, which I will try to describe to you then.

The device enters the “wedge” between the player and the imaging medium (projector-tv) and is powered by its own transformer.

For testing I used a Darbee media player WD gen3 and a projector JVC’s X30.

Since Darbee’s remote control you have the following options

Green-Ideal for HD movies

Yellow-Ideal for gaming

Red-the most intense of the three options

All three options have been setting from 0% to 120%. The higher setting, the greater the effect on the image.

What exactly does the Darbee;

Darbee To go and intervene pixel pixel at certain points of the image, even ones that are important, not at all. Intervene separately in each one of these pixel affecting the brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness.

The result is truly impressive … to entypwsiakotato. The picture becomes more sharpness, sharpness and contrast. The Viewer obtains a three-dimensional sense and a depth that did not exist before. The good thing is that all this is done without side trace (if do not overuse with the sliders of course), there are no “avatars” or artifacts like we’d have to buffer the acidity anebazame optical instrument us. No alteration or loss of detail white dark as if poysarame the gamma and contrast sliders of our projector.

I tried to “xegelasw” the Darbee putting the paternaki acidity, others found that the algorithm is smarter than I expected and passed the test.

Here somewhere to say that Darbee is not unhappy with any signal locks everywhere and always. Do what you are doing in HD, on DVD, in 3D and generally in every possible format.

Putting scenes from movies I started to play with the sliders to conclude on some permanent setting, so I start doing HD material and see the differences by clicking on/off the Darbee.

The best choice is green with very little difference from the yellow. The Red selection was very harsh on my eyes even on low setting and not involved at all with her.

Playing with the sliders of the Green choice and after many trials, I ended up in a setting close to 55-60%, which I think is the ideal scoring a quite impressive result without extremes.

For the purpose of photographing I put the 70% setting to make it a little more easily understood the difference, as you understand tends to annihilated by the photographic lens

A picture say a thousand words equals … and those who say are absolutely right.

Let’s see some screen shots, up to Darbee off and down with Darbee on (the photos are high resolution and you can open them in full resolution so as to take safer conclusions).

The darbee is a very honest device. Does exactly what it says and more. Maybe in the future begin to see Darbee algorithm for incorporation into more and more devices and Imaging at the end to become something like the very common brightness/contrast sliders that we all know … who knows …

Until they get there though … I already collect the money in order to become a happy owner of the amazing invention of Paul Darbee!

(Thank Theophilus friends and Dimitri, the first for Darbee Darblet DVP5000 and the second for the valuable tips to bring out, as best as possible, the difficult task of photographing)

Good views!

Nikos Tswlas

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