As we had predicted, a “counter” that interested many of us and I imagine many of you, unfolded recently to dedicate specific, certified by THX and the well-equipped site projectorjunkies.

Ok we are exaggerating a bit … space, formal living room (living room and reminded at least once …) with white walls, gray ‘ 92 screen and masking attempt on side walls with black curtain (with amazing aesthetic effect … also known as “divorce” or “eviction”).

Preparations began early in the morning, since the site had to be properly prepared in order to accommodate the two Gladiators. Also made similar auxiliary materials supplies (wines, soft drinks, foods, etc.) in order to provide the appropriate and available during the long interrogation of two headlamps …

Two logakia for the Gladiators to get into the mood.


The first home cinema 3D model of the well-known Taiwanese company with password W7000, appeared somewhat belatedly in the global market and will not say that rattled the waters, since many (including us), did not offer any substantial upgrade-improvement compared to its predecessor, except of course W6000 3D. However, many “painepsan” the abysmal brightness and the most complete 3D compared with deployments of rival camps.


Uproar! the BenQ went crazy! These are the words of several projector fans by the time the company announced production of this model. Dark chip 3, 3D, huge, full brightness sliders, suspicion, shift lens price below 1000 euro and all in one packet of 2.5 kg with chassis that clearly reminds Data projector presentations. Many bought before I even see him, others (including us), we could not believe that such a “small” Spotlight could pose a threat to competition and held a small basket.

Let’s move on to the “juice” of the case.

First arrived in our area the “great” … and erected across the screen. With the lens shift that has this particular projector, mounting is simply a breeze.

Here to say that our aim was to kalimpraroyme and two floodlights near the reference so we can draw as much as possible conclusions. Of course we didn’t want to spend the whole year in our calibration, so no “pseirisame” the projection to the fullest extent the other brought well enough to emerge fully without any false conclusions from the two.

Of course we started setting up our measuring …

After quite a bit of study and research in international market ended up in masking tape as best solution … with this we have seen better measurements during 0.0249% as perfectionists who we are … the adopted directly:-)

… our first attempt came out a little “hotchpotch” of course …. do not “masisame” …

Don’t try it at home! Requires experience, and specific technical expertise:-)

We finally arrived at the following harmonic solution … enshrined and as official patent of projectorjunkies

Here on the project.

After Cana … two-hour … We were ready and kalimprarismenoi!! 1 hour and 40 minutes to support institutions and 20 minutes the calibration:-).

Here to say that the W7000 is the dream of every would-be calibrator … the settings work perfectly (no relation to his ancestors..) and the CMS only wants a little extra effort to set colour projector.

Take and some charts commentary (burying, critique, compare, praise, irony, slander or whatever else you want … the good the mill grinds all:-))

The W7000 before

and after …

On top of that we had finished and watched excerpts-scenes from famous movies us enjoying the perfect results of fantastikotatoy and calibration katapliktikotatoy that we had managed minutes earlier … the doorbell rings …

The small was here, young, handsome and ready for battle till you drop …

By close shows much more handsome … just missing the camera loving him …

Without much much, got through its position on the screen and the familiar than honest calibration procedure was repeated once again ….

Here got a little culture shock.

Generally speaking, the W1070 is one of the best projectors we’ve seen out of the box. Is the projector calibration that makes the non-essential. Is the projector that literally with a little click on the sliders coming through and that makes you wonder what “magic” BenQ has done when he made this projector. The sliders “hear” better than any other projector we’ve seen so far, and the gamma, perfect out of the box. Better than the W7000 to this area; Clearly …

Take and related charts..

There are no before and after graphs because peiraxame not almost anything (except two or three clicks that we did for grayscale). The projector is so out of the box and you don’t do plate …

Let’s make a resolution numbers …

Screen measurements


14 brightness, 1fl (with 300 hours on his back)


Brightness fl 13.1 (0 hours)

On/off measured with CA813 lens


1036:1 without IRIS

4984:1 with IRIS


1380:1 (has no IRIS)


The headlamps were set up with bulb in position, low temperature normal white and in cinema mode for the 7000 and standard for 1070. Also the auto iris of 7000 remained closed during measurements. Player? The famous WD gen3.

First negative impression made us the difficulty of locking HDMI signal on 1070. While bolt 7000 always and everywhere (with several cables, splitter, etc.), 1070 wanted special treatment. Splitter To which we enlist the forgotten because it never locked not 1070. Also every time I try to lock the time was at least three times from the corresponding time of 7000.

So we forgot the direct confrontation and chance to see the first 7000 and after 1070.

First finding and hanging the W7000, was that with the IRIS enabled painted amazing on dark scenes without almost never perceived. Huge advantage as it turned out then …

IRIS H operated with a very nice way. Pour the light improving black, other parallel poysarize the bright spots, so in the eye of the beholder there was the phenomenon of “fwtorythmikoy” that we are used to from other implementations and most importantly improve the contrast.

In bright on the other, the spotlight really showed his teeth. That and listened for DLP projectors, these scenes have no opponent. The 7000 really was very impressive and we found that all the participants.

1070 series was fact.

Positive first impression ….. This projector can not be the category of 900 euros, is impossible.

That, prejudices or body had before seeing him playing … lost in the blink of an eye.

Sharpness; Quite good (actually surprisingly good)

Light; plenty for every taste

Axioprepestata black; as surprisingly well (in my personal opinion the best black that I’ve seen in DLP projector without IRIS)

Even now as I write this article I can’t believe that I saw what I saw from a projector in this class ….

The comparison

Here things are as follows.

The headlights are actually very near the image. The difference makes the dynamic iris of 7000 who really on very dark scenes gave him the upper hand. If the IRIS disabled the roles are reversed. The 1070 performs better in dark scenes (probably due to dark chip 3 and higher on/off) from the 7000, while bright still have been fighting.

By definition the two projectors are identical (their lenses are very close in performance, if not identical). Because I want to be strict in this piece a and is the main asset of a good DLP, I would say that no claim, other than the other you cannot prosapseis them and some serious flaw. Both headlights are wearing a mediocre lens during our humble opinion, with a yield of medium as good (without some serious flaw). This review definitely affect more the 7000 and the price is triple that of 1070.

The shots in bright painted 7000 better than 1070. How much better depends on the eyes of the beholder. Most bright (oddly enough since we measured almost the same brightness), and more three-dimensional. I dare to say that the image is more “loud” out of 1070 without being able to analyze with precision. Just so struck us. Don’t imagine huge differences, said. … the headlights are very close …

Let’s move on screenshots. Here to clarify once again that the screenshots may not capture the picture our eyes and of course we can’t draw safe conclusions from them.

On the 7000, lower the 1070

Unfortunately a few screenshots “sat on” in the frame. Also a couple of our pictures came out a bit “rocking” in 1070 and the injustice … (for the reasons refer to the end of the article … 🙂 )


In our opinion, still constitutes the W7000 and BenQ’s flagship. The ease of installation, the dynamic IRIS and the slightly more light are advantages over 1070. On the other hand for the 1070 what to say; That zilepsame the time you leave our space is enough? A projector that buying him with closed eyes. Unlikely value for money. His image in all areas is simply brilliant. To be more comprehensible, if sold at 1070 euro 900, 7000 should not exceed 1200 (and 9100 epson 700 …. okay … kakioyla). This is our personal opinion after this comparison. Almost everyone agreed that the 1070 did not play better than 7000, others at the end of all this we had in our minds and all about him were talking …

And we promised you a vs W1070 vs W7000;

Let’s not keep you in suspense any longer …

Don’t ask us about the results of this comparative advantage. We had very little time the pizza in our possession. … (anyone who has not eaten the pizza Joe just can’t understand what culinary contrast talking …)

To prevent your queries …. Yes we can kalimpraroyme and on pizza (although our forte is olive-beige-yellow walls) … anything is possible from the point at which there is love for the subject, appetite, passion and appetite for knowledge sharing (for the record, the pizza was measured in degrees Kelvin 5100 … not so bad:-).)

With the opportunity to say logakia for yesterday’s meeting-comparative.

I was very pleased that we managed and we were gathered in the same room people who cherish the video projection and a shared passion for a few hours and our madness. People ntomproi, with knowledge and with pure intentions. The “home” of projectorjunkies is and will always be open for you my friends and a warm thank you for the honor you have done to us together in the same space.

Also special thanks to John and Lakis for disposal of their projection on this comparison, with only an objection that they forgot their not leaving … 🙂

Of course we have kept the pre-contract remuneration had signed with them (we are not failing pre-agreements such as spread.. 🙂 ). The result of the read already in comparative … John (W7000) gave slightly more … don’t imagine many … a 10eyrw above, tsifoyti … (we are “slightly” covetous apart from all other … How to do … 🙂 ).

Good views of my friends ….

A second opinion by Panagiotis Vogiatzaki …

First of all I would like to thank Nick for hosting on site, that is the “headquarters” of projectorjunkies. To thank all the folks who donated their headlights to make the comparison. Shared by all of us just the same hobbies, love for the big picture and the emotions that can offer.

The comparison that was made was of great interest, since the BenQ 1070 is one of the best sellers of our time. The picture quality for the money I make him automatically asks a top vfm and this level of image was just a Midsummer night’s dream until a few years ago, even for so-called high end projectors.

However, there are some objective information concerning the video image, and which are reflected in the numbers of measurements, which are almost impossible to be reversed under any circumstances, and which can automatically determine the winner of a comparison, especially when other critical elements of the image are almost in a tie. One of these elements is the so-called on-off contrast. From the moment that we had compared two monotsipoys DLP projectors, with about the same level of lenses, approximately the same ANSI contrast, who came very close to reference both the RGB and the colour rendering, was fully expected me to small 1070 lost in the overall performance of the image, an auto iris and I had to confront in the straight with his older brother , the BenQ 7000.

Before you even start the comparison between the two projectors, and having seen that played the BenQ 7000 with the use of the dynamic IRIS, I had realized that the little 1070 was ‘ lost ‘ by hand. Quite simply a measurable on-off contrast of 1300:1, has absolutely no hope to confront an on-off contrast of 5000:1, when all other critical factors of the image are in almost total draw (attributed to the same frame brightness, ANSI contrast, lens quality, RGB and color rendering).

After watching the two projectors, my findings were quite expected. The BenQ 7000 win everywhere her little 1070, to all movie clips that we saw, with more three-dimensional and kontrastati image, with more punch. Depending on the plan and its luminosity, the difference in favour of 7000 grew or diminished respectively, but it was always there, present, in favour of larger BenQ. In my humble opinion, it was very positive that there were several people in attendance, because so are given the opportunity to express everyone’s own terms, through its composition, to draw better and more secure conclusions. So none of the attendees, not expressed the view that the small 1070 played better. But in the eyes of some, the differences between the two images were too small to negligible. In my own eyes however, 7000 win cleanly, although not huge differences, but noticeable, exclusively because of tetraplasioy on-off contrast that gave him the dynamic IRIS.

If of course the 7000 lacked the dynamic IRIS, had found “absolutely” sticks with his younger brother, who attributed by default in the standard position far better adjusted RGB and quite better colour rendering. If you consider that the slightly exceeded and in on-off contrast, with 1,380:1 versus 59:1 (IRIS without the 7000), understand what a difficult position would be the leading BenQ!

And anything outside of comparative

To refer to an unbelievable contrast off on-that gave us the Epson 3200 with the dynamic IRIS, figure certainly cannot be captured far to watch movies, because the IRIS is extremely slow. The number reached approximately 160,000:1 (!), and it was the first time they had to come so very close to the projector lens the CA813 onto the tripod to be able to get a measurement of black!

(The epson attended in comparative as guess star just to get a third picture and make a mini comparison between LCD and DLP … to do even reporting … imagine the results … 🙂 )

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