A while ago we had the pleasure to see and to “arrange” a w6000. O our headlight came to 1300 hours of usage and lamp burned..

Our first impression caused the light weight and the somewhat “Chinese” chassis.

… the evolution of technology we thought through (see titanium, carbon fiber, etc.), the label made in China of us actually prosgeiwse W6000.

A picture say a thousand words equals … any 10aria how many does …

We for our part will say only … dust … a lot of dust …

Let’s start the tour.

The lens shift is very simple and quite “grocery store”. Crawling just the lens on the optical. Precision systems with gears and mechanisms no longer passed in the past …. global economic crisis ….

Such solutions are not ideal for a serious manufacturer. If you come from the manufacturer and not from some subsequent human hand … We’re not sure …. (tire up)

The projector is literally “empty”. Well it could fit into a much smaller chassis.

There are no longer two boards, a maiboard and a DLP board … incorporated into one.

There are no longer two power supplies, one main and one ballast for lamp power supply …. incorporated in a..

The projector does not have closed refrigeration circuit. In essence has a fan that throws loose air inside and one to reject air into the environment. Corresponding cooling system found only in cheap data projectors. This has resulted in the accumulation of dust on the inside of a very short time …

If anyone can think of simpler or cheaper manufacturing IRIS … now is the time to talk …

The rubber mounts and the protected color wheels permanently belong in the past for the BenQ …. We said … global crisis … don’t repeat the same. ..

The lens is really small and light. We have the impression that it is the same lens wearing and the smaller company’s models … will sure soon enough …

Fortunately the optical kept very good design with small cuts …

Corresponding photo from older model of same series … with main differences the removal of an incremental Iris (stab in the heart … really) and the lamination by the optic …

Here we see the main culprit of projector brightness drop due to dust. Just you dare say that to find so much dust in particular optical to the older w5000 series, should the projector be exceeded 3000-4000 hours.

After the projector was cleaned thoroughly and added new original bulb. the series was to see what can be done to show. To say that we started the kalimpraroyme actually prejudiced by the very “cheap” inside, who had met him while cleaning. Sometimes appearances are deceiving …

Paren. .. the photo below is from the Visual of a Runco that recently reconditioned and upload just like photo reference.. Don’t be fooled …. It is a mirror and not some other material ….

End parenthesis .

The projector was erected makeshift opposite a 92 screen ‘ gray with gain 0.8 and we took the hoe … in our mind that the screen is not 100% neutral … measured quite cold to 7100 degrees kelvin (little evil as we’ve said before … Let it be well the sliders of our projector).

We got a complete set of measurements and the results were somewhat so.

We decided to deal only with the basic settings and RGB settings and not go to adjust color average CMS due to pressure of time. And we started the “tease” …..

After very few click on projector sliders the result was simply superb … (here to say that we decided to let the IRIS off throughout the process because it is one of the slowest and bad irises that have never met a projector (okay there are LCD 720p …)

The projector came very easily, within a few minutes. This caused great impression because the older series BenQ w5000 of things were not so simple as regards the setting of RGB (especially in intermediate stages of 5% we see tab “Piano”).

Also definitely will stick with questions about whether the CMS of the W6000 works better than prokatochoy’s and eliminated the w5000 if regulatory problems affecting brightness and color saturation while shouldn’t (with extreme example the brightness slider of magenta that if did you overuse literally send completely off saturation in 25 and 50% of color with very unpleasant results in image).

Another time perhaps enable us to play and with the CMS of the W6000 and see if there is improvement there. For now I’ll settle concluded that in addition to the cuts in the hardware of the projector, BenQ’s mom did an amazing job in software and in this area of remove the hat. Indeed is a tremendous upgrade the way the regulatory work of the w6000 compared to its predecessor.

By measuring the known other than honest CA813 lux meter measured the brightness and the contrast on/off the projector (ansi contrast unable due to inadequacy of space-see multiple reflections).

on/off with IRIS off: 908:1

on/off with IRIS οn: 30950:1

Brightness to frame 92 ‘ in dynamic mode and bulb on high in 842 lux, while in bulb mode and cinema at Low fell to 718 lux (measured from the screen viewing lens)

The gray screen measured us 14, 9fl with lamp in low and the projector kalimprarismeno (amazing number).

Finally we put clips from well-known movies and really “skisame our diplomas” …

As biased and if we were from the impoverished interior of the projector, the image was excellent, with a very compact, but properly managed light. What miracles did back the BenQ and it turned out so good picture from such a “Chinese” projector?? Abyss of the soul of a company …

Our only objection known moderate black DLP technology (the truth is that in this area the W6000 positively impressed us, we expected much worse black due to high brightness).

The only point which is “backsliding” in our opinion it is the lens of the W6000 that can’t come close to anything the sharpness and exceptional focus of its predecessor W5000. In all other areas we would say that is definitely “upgrade”.

Some screen shots …

As a final conclusion will say that this is a very cheap construction (Chinese) projector with exceptional image. Don’t ask us how to do it. … just accept it. …. as we …


  1. Aramis Glez says:

    Please, I need de schematic (circuit diagram) of the main power supply board., Thanks

  2. luis Orozco says:

    Please, I need de schematic (circuit diagram) of the main power supply board Benq W6000.

  3. paresh patel says:

    pl i need circuit diagram of the main power supply

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