BenQ W5000/20000 damage-vertical black lines on screen

Suddenly half the screen of your BenQ has been covered by white and black vertical lines; Don’t worry … the repair is simple, easy and most importantly you’ll learn about it here!

Let’s get straight to the Chase. Several projectors BenQ W5000/2000 may show up unannounced this symptom. Black and white lines half screen exactly.

The BenQ has two circuits on the DMD Board that each controls half side of DMD. Failure usually comes in power circuit of one of two chip RLDRAM. Essentially the problem begins in one of two mosfet of RLDRAM chip.

Not to bore you with analysis of the plan of motherboard Let’s go straight to photo look.

The problem starts from 1 mosfet, whose failure results in blown diode and if we’re really unlucky or if we persevere and operate the projector with the problem persists, then we are causing damage and at RLDRAMchip.

Happy the case is that there are all like spare parts, even the chip! We need to replace the hot air station (is the best way to unblock it and get so little material) or a soldering iron with very fine nose (only for the mosfet and the diode, the chip definitely hot air station needs to be glued or xekollithei because the solder of the lie directly below). In special cases the damage and extend to the mosfet 2, others so the otherwise good is to change and this one and enter into the process.

Below you can see the process of lysimatos a BenQ W5000.

We start …. Open the service door and remove the lamp bulb … (and not … It is not advertising of bosch …)

Next move the zoom and focus rings..

Once we have xebidwsei all the screws circled below the chassis remove the upper lid and proceed inside …

Time to draw the Visual …

Having remove the Visual we have now the projector chassis that put it aside because our work continues in Visual …

Behold our optical!

Good is now to remove the colour wheel, in order to make cleaning and to protect him from possible accident..

Nice doesn’t seem??

From the back hand go and remove the DMD Board to work on her. ..

After we pull out the circuit board, we now have access to the DMD …

Which is what …

It is advisable at this stage to clean with a spray of contacts contact chip and socket that has observed the phenomenon the silicone thermoagwgimi to “weeping” creating momentary short circuits on the chip with the result that various articles in our picture that disappear only after erasing and restarting our projector.

The socket …

And the Board will work on her for changing materials

This is in essence the damage and if you find somewhere dark, do not hesitate to contact us at

Will soon follow and new article regarding the thorough cleaning of a BenQ W5000 and believe me. … worth the read …

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  1. RICHARD Jones says:


    I’ve got a different problem. I’ve got black bands alternating across the display. (Horizontal, not vertical)

    Any idea what would be causing this?


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