The Acer has been and continues to be one of the most honest companies manufacturing electronic products in my view and not only.  Taibaneziki company was founded back in 1976 and one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world at the moment.

When Acer decided to deal seriously with the construction of home cinema projectors I knew that I did exactly as we have been accustomed to other products with excellent price/performance ratio, and there I was mistaken:.

The V7500 is a full HD DLP video projector renowned and famous small class now known as class “chiliarikoy”. With a price that starts here in Greece by the 855 euro puts goals out of the locker room will say a and ranges in the lower price range of this small class.

The V7500 isn’t quite known model in our country, but that doesn’t mean anything special about the possibilities of a projector and in many large European forum were written very positive reviews.

Let’s move on to look at the characteristics of

  • DLP technology Dark chip 3 0.65 ‘
  • 1080p analysis (1920×1080)
  • Full 3D Support
  • 2500 lumen brightness
  • Contrast 20.000:1
  • Zoom lens 1.36:1
  • Lens shift lens (+ 21%)
  • Color wheel 6 regions (RGBRGB) with rotation speed 6X (50Hz)
  • 260W with lamp length 3500/6500 (normal/eco mode)
  • Operating noise 28/34dB (eco/normal mode)
  • Weight 3, 1Kg
  • Dimensions 100 X 223 X 370 mm



O V7500 is white, symmetrically designed with the lens at the Center. But a peculiar aesthetic theme wires and connections as you will see in the pictures below …






From links the Acer is Overfilled, it features up to USB port 5V output permanent even if our projector is closed (selected from the menu). Excellent with tuna here the V7500.


To remote control looks designed by Pixar and reminds game … little other with excellent response and ease of handling.


Here and the projector’s lens shift, simple and easy to use




In the light leak issue Acer shows typical small and cheaper DLP. In any case this leak causes no “theme” when viewing other never ceases to exist as a phenomenon …



O operating noise of V7500 ranges in adequate levels in the position in eco mode. In normal mode but the fan rotation grows sufficiently as a result to become annoying, at least if the projector is mounted close to the Viewer.

Let’s move on to see the menu of the little Acer …


For beginning to say that the menu of V7500 is beautiful, playful, and full. It has a completely different aesthetic than what my eyes have become accustomed to such category spotlights and really worth a full presentation.

Here the original menu that gives you all the basic settings on one tab. Useful and the Wall color that we can choose if the wall display has some shade and is not white.


With the slider LumiSense we can choose the Auto Bright that makes automatic lamp power setting depending on the ambient light which perceives the projector with special sensor (excellent opportunity for such category projector) and Dynamic Black makes again the same other depending the brightness of each frame of the movie that we display.

DSC02313 DSC02314

In Color Temperature we find full RGB sliders


Entypwsi preset gamma curves cause the V7500. ..

DSC02318 DSC02319 DSC02320

In the Advance menu we find a full CMS to adjust color, brilliant color and other known a slider called Film Mode and which helps Acer better performance of 24 frames when activated.


On the Image tab, we find quite useful sliders like this projector’s placement, horizontal and vertical Keystone other and and a wonderful 4 corner correction that will help quite a bit if you need to do to view 3D object or a non-flat surface.


Here you can see the operation of …

DSC02323 DSC02324 DSC02325

Tab Setting we meet some special regulations..


Next tab the Management that contains complete “energetic” settings


In the Audio tab includes the audio (and this is from the small)


Complete and the tab for viewing 3D settings


Finally, the Acer devotes the entire tab for the language selection, no more Greek you may well choose a Tibetan Chinese dialect for example:)


As a conclusion to say that with the GUI and the menu generally V7500 impressed.  Really happy to play with him and each of the slider works perfectly. The credit on my Acer so..


O V7500 has six factory and a user mode (bright, dark cinema, srgb, game, movie, sport, user), here are the measurements of gamma and RGB in three of them.



Mode Dark Cinema

dark cinema,gamma 2

Mode Bright


Let us deepen a bit in an SRGB mode and was what I finally chose to use in this review.

Here the SRGB mode with brilliant color enabled, there is a slight modulation of rgb and gamma’s other and concomitant increase in brightness by about 25%.

srgb bc on

Putting the lamp in high position doesn’t happen no dramatic change in the charts than new brightness increase at 25% extra.

srgb bc on lamp high

Activating the dynamic black we take and the following “snakelike” chart …

srgb dynamic black

Putting the white temperature on factory location CT2 diagrams begin and corrected enough, at least that of the gamma

srgb CT2 temp

And the “miracle” comes putting the factory option temperature slider CT1 giving a fairly balanced final result in measurements.

srgb CT1 temp

Let us take an idea on what makes the default s-curve at the gamma slider

default,2,2 s curve,movie mode, lamp low, bc off

Go to see the color triangle of small Acer which is pretty good factory.


Here too, with brilliant color enabled

bc on

Measurements of brightness and on/off contrast

  • Mode SRGB, lamp low 875 lumen
  • Mode SRGB, lamp low, BC on 1100 lumen
  • Mode SRGB, lamp high BC off 1407 lumen
  • Mode Bright, lamp high, BC on 1925 lumen
  • on/off contrast 2131:1

875 kalimprarismena lumen for V7500 automatically bring it to the top of the class in terms of brightness. Also the number of contrast that I got the measure of it is excellent.

But let’s switch to the broth of this review, impressions from the small Acer’s performance.


Starting with the traditional evaluation of the lens and the definition of V7500 noticed the first sign of shoddy construction. Waving the Focus ring, basically tapping for every possible reason the lens that has a tendency to shake slightly right/left. No significant other capable to move slightly the frame and let us spoil the absolute center that might have succeeded.

Checking a little more closely I realized that this little shift due to the design of the mechanism of Lens Shift and not by some dysfunction of this piece.

Overcoming this first negative impression and playing further with the lens of V7500 found that the focus of late has been satisfactory from edge to edge of the screen and the color of refraction normal to class data. Generally the V7500 lens will describe moderate to … moderate in all sectors and to clarify, the projector makes it correct focus but not uniform, if e.g. rythiseis good focus on one end the other unfortunately flies slightly and this is something that I cannot say.

The color of refraction is at relatively low levels but not in those that I would be completely satisfied.

Clarity frame (top left and bottom right) with good focus in bottom right corner



Peri chromatic refraction



As a conclusion I would say that the lens of the small Acer is a typical small class lens, does not claim other laurels nor creates problem when viewing. Could be better, but could be worse, neither black nor white, nor heat nor cold, understood, or resume?  🙂

O Acer lens gives us 100 inches from a distance of up to 2.4 3.1 meters or better still can give us from 93 as 127 inches if the post at 3 meters from the projection screen


When viewing the movie the first thing that collects the V7500 spectator is abyssal light available to the projector. Touches the limits of extravagance will say and the owner I’m sure will successfully achieved enough in trying to rein in. On the other hand, of course, with such high brightness cannot fail to impress in scenes like these, in which the V7500 really “bird sings.”.



Second positive impression is very good punch that gives the image the V7500, sample of very high ansi contrast. Putting the known/unknown scenes increasingly epibebaiwna my initial impression that this projector has outstanding management of light.

In paternaki window with 100% white confirmed what I was seeing. The photo below is with great overexposed, see how little diffusion has the white in the black window surrounds (the blue shading around the white) high sample ansi contrast


This contrast helps to enjoy mixed lighting scenes and offers an unexpected “satisfaction” in the eye of the beholder. The V7500 really pleasantly surprised me in this area because he is not expecting as loud as it turned out …



From issue definition the V7500 does not claim credit. The regiment well below the BenQ’s W1110 and slightly (if not same) over the 151X Optoma and HD50 if you want a comparison of memory. Unfortunately another good DLP projector with moderate lens that the disadvantages …

Somewhere in here I couldn’t do not refer to the “magic” of DLP projectors that none other than the very compact in the picture because of the minimum gap between the pixel, characteristic advantage of technology. ETSI and the Acer you must solder your face in the cloth to findings that the image consists of tiny dots …


Color the V7500 belongs to the “good” small wheel DLP color with RGBRGB doing an excellent job in portraying the palette in the cloth. All the tints shown with correct saturation and brightness in familiar scenes that I tried something which perceives an experienced eye, at least directly.



Very good returns and the internal speaker of V7500 if needed to activate. With 10watt power produces sufficient bass with enough intensity capable of filling a small room or listening clean dialogues summer on our balcony.

Motion. Here little doing swimmingly. I would say that the move is among the best I’ve seen on a projector, regardless of value without the help of frame interpolation. Even the most difficult panarismata the Acer guest passes painlessly and with excellent flow.

Big surprise here, because all the DLP is very close between them in the field of motion 24arwn frames and seeing blatant difference was something really pleasantly unexpected.

The dark side of Acer…

In dark scenes the V7500 behaves as a classic DLP projector. Black is good and high contrast that measured my instrument is reflected directly in op sail. For the black level accuracy in V7500 is extremely low considering the huge luminosity that has to manage the projector. Good job well done in depiction of dark gradients although the inherent weakness of the technology, even dare to say that this area is a step above many DLP projectors that I have seen in the last year.



The V7500 features a slider named black dynamic that if you activate the projector then manages the watt light bulb and the gamma accordingly each frame. The little Acer this does quite well, dare I say better than any other projector in its class on the topic “I knew” that generally concern all kinds of dynamic black operation.

Increases light in bright spots while raising the gamma of the spectator to collect more contrast.

How exactly it works you can get an idea on the pictures below



(the bright auto not working in dark room even if you choose)



Improves the dynamic black contrast that we as viewers? Clearly yes

Disturbs the operation of dynamic black during operation? Clearly yes

I love to see black dynamic with enabled? Clearly not

I hope I was helpful enough













The V7500 is Acer’s proposal to the popular category of small DLP, a category of “fire” will say because of the ongoing financial crisis plaguing the country.

Such headlights are “Oasis” in our harsh everyday since we can with little money to journey through the magical world of cinematic projection, this as a more general conclusion.

For me the V7500 ‘s overall performance was a small pleasant surprise is the truth. The river has been an during this review better than I expected and the impressions I got was definitely positive.

It is a small Full HD DLP projector pretty balanced color with very light, good contrast, excellent movement and “diamond” menu/sliders. If the lens of somehow followed other virtues I wouldn’t for a superb value for money projector, other unfortunately didn’t make it. ..

The truth however is that someone “look” for your home projector this category really worth to throw and a look at the small Acer before getting the final decision.

Good views!

Nikos Tswlas

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