Only Jolly can be described as the news coming from the other side of the Atlantic.

The Texas Instruments manufactured and presented a new DMD chip dimension 0.47 “Full resolution HD 1920×1080.


The Chip code-named DLP4710 is already available in the global market ( with a price somewhere in the $ 230 and we will definitely see it timidly at first DLP deployments of 2016.

The major differentiation of this chip, in addition to its very small size, is the increasing degree rotation of the mirrors from the last 12 ± ° of DC4 to ± 17 °, which will surely increase and black levels which is the Achilles heel of this technology.

With this size Texas aimed mostly at small portable DLP models, other has already announced and presented at the CEDIA Expo 2015 the greats of brothers.

A chip sized 0.74 “and a 1.4”, 2716Ch1527 analysis, which assigns to the Texas for the serious home cinema implementations.

These new is definitely promising for fans of DLP technology and pooping on Texas Instruments from stagnant years! To see …

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