That I am very worried as a man and as a technician is something that I think you all have it figured out. In the context of this concern I present an intervention in DMD change an Infocus IN81 from DC2, DC3 in by dark chip 2 i.e. dark chip 3. The reason; the curiosity about how role playing DMD alone, in contrast.

The IN81 volunteer found the chip, I already had in my lab and the intervention started …



There is a hidden screw under one of three flexible mountings

DSC01029 DSC01030

DSC01031 DSC01032 DSC01033 DSC01034 DSC01035 DSC01036 DSC01037 DSC01038

The cooling system goes up. ..


Latest disconnects before the optical hand..

DSC01040 DSC01041

Here the incremental iris of infocus …


The “carcass”..


And we got to the main course … the optical


Somewhere here and begins to replace the DMD

DSC01045 DSC01046 DSC01047

Unlike other manufacturers, IN81 does use a conductive connection between silicone DMD Chip and heatsink.


Let’s see the change ….


The DC3 is with the black plastic cap. ..

DSC01049 DSC01050

The DC3 in place ….


A common problem in this series is “stuffy” very fine sieve inside the cooling system and is not removable by the user. The projector overheats and eating the bulbs one after another ….

DSC01056 DSC01057

Here the color wheel of IN81


After synarmologisa the projector, turn to see the result. I set up the projector opposite the light meter and took measurements on on/off contrast to compare with those who’d gotten before changing the chip. Measurements before and after they became naturally with zoom in the same location and with the same settings to get safer as possible result. However as you will see the numbers not brightness is exactly the same, which means that the light meter does not just sit in the same position and both times although its placement after detailed measurement of the distance from the lens.


Let’s see ….


  • 1140:1-IRIS fully open (10.8 12340 lux lux white/black)
  • 1300:1-Iris in the middle (8190 lux white/6.3 lux black)
  • 1590:1-IRIS completely closed (3820 lux white/black lux 2.4)


  • 1540:1-IRIS fully open (11860 lux white/black lux 7.7)
  • 1810:1-Iris in the middle (7980 lux white/black lux 4.4)
  • 2150:1-IRIS completely closed (3650 lux white/black lux 1.7)

That is, we had an average increase of on/off contrast at 37%. # Not huge nor small.

The conclusion is that Yes, the DC3 gives greater native on/off projector contrast, other still and I think very important role plays and the optical design.

I think this because in the recent past by comparing 2 projectors with DC4 (a BenQ W5000 which I wear a DC4 and Infocus IN83) results were very big difference. The W5000 gave the best of measuring close to 2000:1 while the IN83 3500:1. Difference that only the optical design can justify (maybe the software.)

Then I was tempted to do some color measurements in a IN81 and I had him in my hands. Let’s see …

beforeRGB beforeGAMMA

After some corrections …

afterRGB afterGAMMA

And the color of the triangle …


On the subject of regulatory the IN81 takes care to remind the chronakia that carries on his back. Nothing to do with the surgical precision of current DLP models, wayward projector with bizarre behavior, particularly for DLP once current models come almost kalimprarismena from the factory. On the other hand, of course I remembered after time what does surgical sharpness and serious lens … something missing from almost all DLP models today.

I hope you enjoyed this technical article!

Good views!

Nikos Tswlas


  1. Hi.. very usefull,, thank so mutch. Now my question is if i want only clean the dmd chip (mirrors) is necessary the total disarm?? or exist another way more simple. Thank you so much again. Sorry for my poor language.
    Best Regards


  2. Gilberto Dotti Cesa says:

    Hello Tsolas!
    I have a Infocus IN 81 and it is with half of the screen (right side) completly normal. The other half of the screen (left side on the screen) is with a lot of strange and little symbols.
    Is this a problem in the DMD 1080p Dark Chip 2 DLP ???
    Here in Brasil I can not find the chip to replace…
    What can I do?

    • Tsolas Nikos says:

      Hello Gilberto. Unfortunately is not the chip the problem. Is the mainboard, you have to search and find a mainboard replace!

  3. Nathan says:

    Hello! I cracked open my X10 to clean it and now the projector shuts off the moment the red splash/start-up screen appears followed by the “lamp” indicator turning on. I replaced the bulb and still no improvement. Ideas?

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