29 December 2013

Fall of on/off contrast on Sony SXRD-update

In my earlier article I had talked about a strange problem that I encountered on a Sony VPL-VW80, involving very large drop of on/off contrast. Our related article http://www.projectorjunkies.com/?p=1384 Of course I am not with folded hands and started the […]
19 December 2013

BenQ W7500 full review

Go weather I have to see new “serious” DLP projector and the truth is that I expected something like that. The last time the market has been flooded by cheap DLP models (HD25 Optoma, BenQ 1070, etc.) and showed no […]
14 December 2013

Profit – Colours – Reflective properties (Second Part)

Here: http://www.projectorjunkies.com/?p=1002 We explained what exactly is the gain. To see how the profit is working with colors, originally needed to bear in mind that. Every color and every shade has an inherent reflective ability of light. Let’s take this […]
28 November 2013

The DIY (Do it your self) gown of calibrator

Everyone of us has his own character, with the quirks, flaws and assets. I belong to the category of people who like everything around them to be neat and in their proper place. So, could not be exempted from this […]
24 November 2013

Monitors (measurements-tests)

I am of the opinion, and I’ve written several times that a monitor among others features, must operate as an entirely neutral average reflectance. In short, what gives the projector, it shows. The companies did not pay special attention to […]
21 November 2013

What is the correct gamma; What setting should I choose?

Is perhaps the most controversial topic in the area of the image. Pages and pages of written arguments, dozens have fallen on the table hundreds of views have been formulated. In this article, we will try to outline the situation […]
20 November 2013

The new arrow in our quiver

At projectorjunkies we give a promise to you, but mostly to ourselves, to become constantly better, or researching, comparing, learning, conquering i.e. knowledge, either by improving the level of our equipment. Our equipment so far included a Spyder 2 and […]
8 November 2013

Ansi contrast and on/off contrast

In this article we will talk and we will explain concepts such as ansi and the on/off contrast and what their significance to the picture. Many times we hear these two terms, and many of us do not know their […]
8 November 2013

Optoma HD82 Cleaning

Optoma HD82 O is a DLP projector here that we got “quality-accurate” series on technology-specific … and for good reason …. The spotlight came on our hands with 1000 + hours and kalimprarismenos. The first thing I did was to […]