14 November 2014

JVC X500R full review

For JVC as a manufacturing company in the field of home cinema I think need no special recommendations. Talking about one of the leader companies in the space, resulting in my personal opinion always developments in wondrous space of video […]
2 November 2014

The first pure laser projector from Panasonic

The technology “free lamp” (Laser) indicates to proceeds apace in projectors. So far the few models that were made using hybrid optical machine consisting of a combination of led and laser. Panasonic H told him to go one step further […]
30 April 2014

JVC DLA-X9… repair for strong stomachs …

Before some time came into my hands a JVC projector with a bizarre injury. The projector doesn’t recognize any input signal from both HDMI ports. In the past I have encountered again the specific harm, which was solved by replacing […]
10 March 2014

Infocus IN81 conversion in. … IN82

That I am very worried as a man and as a technician is something that I think you all have it figured out. In the context of this concern I present an intervention in DMD change an Infocus IN81 from […]
27 February 2014

Repair-TW4500 Epson

Recently fell in my hands an American Epson 8500UB, respectively in Europe is the TW4500 (if not TW5000), with several display problems. The most important was a red hue at the top and a green on the bottom. In the […]
24 February 2014

Thousands of little Elves … DMD chip (DLP)

The DMD is a chip that is designed to work on the basis of memory RAM (Random Access Memory), known by the use of computers. The chip has a series of tiny mirrors, one for each memory location. Each mirror […]
14 February 2014

Optoma HD65 Repair

If you do a search on google you will find that many holders of Optoma HD65 have reported a mysterious (and unresolved) problem concerning the specific projector. The problem has to do with the fact that suddenly the projector stops […]
30 January 2014

JVC X35 vs BenQ W1500

To clarify from the outset in order to avoid misunderstanding, it is an unequal battle because both headlights belong to two completely different categories. But my curiosity about what exactly what I would see if I put them side by […]
28 January 2014

JVC X35 full review

For JVC have written hymns … many drink water on their name and others consider them the top video implementations currently in the world. But let us begin … What is the JVC? JVC H was founded back in 1927 […]