16 January 2013

Focus problem on LCD EPSON

Certainly those who fiddle with the video projection will have heard of the problems focus of Epson LCD. On the other hand those who’re owners will have already experienced. The Focus problem of Epson regards almost all of the models […]
14 January 2013

Milestones in the history of projector models

The story begins in the year 1989 old where EPSON influenced by the huge success of the Greek national basketball team two years ago, ‘ 87, announces the first digital projector and even tritsipo. Clearly this video projector worth a […]
12 January 2013

Dead pixels in the picture of DLP projector

If you notice a black background usually multiple and irregular white dots (something like a starry night sky) then your projector has a serious problem on the DMD chip. The image you see is similar to this … This problem […]
12 January 2013

Zucchini balls vs Reference

The Italians say: neighbors Non e’ bello quel ch’ e’ bello, e’ bello quel che piace. What methermineyomeno in Neoellinikin means: Not nice nice, it is nice that you like. Too many everyday we confirm the above quotation. The food […]
11 January 2013

Affects the display image of my projector?

A large query that employs almost all projector owners is whether it affects the image of our projector screen. The truth is that this is a complex question more in essence the answer is simple. Let’s try to say two […]
7 January 2013

The Chronicle of a JVC DLA-HD750 repair

When such a powerful headlamp gets irreparable damage to the optic. then the amount of repair could not only be a very interesting story. … O our headlight came after his attempt at repair by a technician who suggested the […]
7 January 2013

BenQ W5000/20000 damage-vertical black lines on screen

Suddenly half the screen of your BenQ has been covered by white and black vertical lines; Don’t worry … the repair is simple, easy and most importantly you’ll learn about it here! Let’s get straight to the Chase. Several projectors […]
7 January 2013

Convert Sony VPL-VW50 in LED

It is possible to operate a projector designed for high pressure lamps with a simple LED diode; the answer is. … Yes it can … enough of course to be available for searching, basic electronic knowledge, time and ofcourse what […]
6 January 2013

Cleaning Sony VPL-AW15

The SONY is famous for its very good build quality on all its models reputation confirmed each time that we open for cleaning a SXRD model. Recently, I fell into our hands a “small” VPL-AW15 with approximately 900 hours and […]