2 March 2013

BenQ W5000 mini Review

BENQ W5000 Not long ago, the workshop of fanatic probolakidwn hosted at the home of a friend who Nickos we were greeted with hot chocolate and delicious cakes. Of course, as you understand, we couldn’t resist because we believe upside-down […]
6 February 2013

Advanced settings part I

In this chapter we will deal with so-called advanced settings of our probolikoy. Here, we analyze the basic parameters and settings that are required for each medium. Just, well, complete the basic settings proceed to advanced, including: A) gray scale […]
5 February 2013

Problem with Optoma HD800XLV

Recently came to our laboratory a projector Optoma’s and specifically the hd800xlv with a mystery color problem. They say that a picture is equal to a thousand words …. and rather thus is. .. See the well … Mystery problem […]
2 February 2013

Optoma HD67 + 3D-XL

A few days ago we found ourselves on the intimate space of a friend as it evolved, reader of projectorjunkies.com, who invited us to see the display space and “grub” projector. To start with, to thank Anthony for his invitation […]
20 January 2013

Basic settings and sliders

There are two types of settings to get the best possible picture of the projection inside us: The key, which does not require the use of special equipment and are made with the eye and which require advanced sensors (fwtospektrometra […]
19 January 2013

Color wheel DLP

We all have heard that a projector DLP technology uses an animated color wheel to create colors in the picture … and that is the reality. Where there is a confusion in the minds of most is what exactly happens […]
16 January 2013

DLP technology projectors

The history of DLP technology go away, back in 1987 when Professor Dr. Larry Hornbeck was completing its study on a digital device mikrokathreftwn. She argued the Texas Instruments, an optical semiconductor device capable to direct photons with unparalleled accuracy. […]
16 January 2013

Focus problem on LCD EPSON

Certainly those who fiddle with the video projection will have heard of the problems focus of Epson LCD. On the other hand those who’re owners will have already experienced. The Focus problem of Epson regards almost all of the models […]
14 January 2013

Milestones in the history of projector models

The story begins in the year 1989 old where EPSON influenced by the huge success of the Greek national basketball team two years ago, ‘ 87, announces the first digital projector and even tritsipo. Clearly this video projector worth a […]