6 June 2013

Why … size does matter!

Go time released the first “beast” projector on the market, other we haven’t had a chance to see him up close and to evaluate. The time passed and as by magic fell to us one of several longer models “beasts”, […]
2 June 2013

Review Optoma HD20

Along with John Hadjigeorgiou found ourselves in an intimate and warm place of Theo in Psychiko. On the top floor of the building onto the Theodore has set up a very beautiful place, which essentially can do almost everything. To […]
3 April 2013

Optoma HD300X full review (This is Sparta!!!!)

This weekend, the crew of the fanatical probolakidwn hosted at the home of friend George. George friend is new to video projection and chose to film companies, the new Optoma projector codenamed 300Ch. It is practical for the DLP projector […]
30 March 2013

BenQ W7000 vs W1070

As we had predicted, a “counter” that interested many of us and I imagine many of you, unfolded recently to dedicate specific, certified by THX and the well-equipped site projectorjunkies. Ok we are exaggerating a bit … space, formal living […]
2 March 2013

BenQ W5000 mini Review

BENQ W5000 Not long ago, the workshop of fanatic probolakidwn hosted at the home of a friend who Nickos we were greeted with hot chocolate and delicious cakes. Of course, as you understand, we couldn’t resist because we believe upside-down […]
2 February 2013

Optoma HD67 + 3D-XL

A few days ago we found ourselves on the intimate space of a friend as it evolved, reader of projectorjunkies.com, who invited us to see the display space and “grub” projector. To start with, to thank Anthony for his invitation […]