11 February 2016

Mini comparative W7500 TW9200 BenQ vs Epson

O each of W7500 and TW9200 represents more than just a different technology. Represents a school, school has orkismenoys fans orkismenoys and other enemies. What has been said about these two technologies and how many fights have not evolved in […]
19 January 2016

BenQ W1110 vs Optoma HD151X vs Optoma HD50

The truth is that a long time that I was given the opportunity to be “under your arms” with three new models of the same class and play with them. This opportunity but I xanadothike a few days ago and […]
30 January 2014

JVC X35 vs BenQ W1500

To clarify from the outset in order to avoid misunderstanding, it is an unequal battle because both headlights belong to two completely different categories. But my curiosity about what exactly what I would see if I put them side by […]
30 March 2013

BenQ W7000 vs W1070

As we had predicted, a “counter” that interested many of us and I imagine many of you, unfolded recently to dedicate specific, certified by THX and the well-equipped site projectorjunkies. Ok we are exaggerating a bit … space, formal living […]