29 December 2013

Kramer vs. Kramer or otherwise i1 Pro vs i1 Pro

The myths circulating on the Internet about calibration, methods and programs that should be used, but mostly for the hardware, i.e. various types of sensors and its supposed accuracy it is countless. As one reads and is informed, that is […]
28 November 2013

The DIY (Do it your self) gown of calibrator

Everyone of us has his own character, with the quirks, flaws and assets. I belong to the category of people who like everything around them to be neat and in their proper place. So, could not be exempted from this […]
21 November 2013

What is the correct gamma; What setting should I choose?

Is perhaps the most controversial topic in the area of the image. Pages and pages of written arguments, dozens have fallen on the table hundreds of views have been formulated. In this article, we will try to outline the situation […]
20 November 2013

The new arrow in our quiver

At projectorjunkies we give a promise to you, but mostly to ourselves, to become constantly better, or researching, comparing, learning, conquering i.e. knowledge, either by improving the level of our equipment. Our equipment so far included a Spyder 2 and […]
8 November 2013

Ansi contrast and on/off contrast

In this article we will talk and we will explain concepts such as ansi and the on/off contrast and what their significance to the picture. Many times we hear these two terms, and many of us do not know their […]
6 November 2013

Calibration time of crisis – Light Space vs Calman

The economic crisis that we are going through in recent years, has forced almost all of us to redefine our consumer habits, and of course the calibrating a monitor, a tv or a projector could not escape from this rule, […]
5 June 2013

Our new game!

For more than a year, has been on the market a new sensor It belongs to the very popular category of «kolorimetrwn» (colorimeters) from X-Rite, the notorious Display i1 Pro. Has won all this time from multiple reviews and testing, […]
24 March 2013

Calibration FAQ

Many times we have heard the word calibration and perhaps many of you may not have fully understood the meaning of. In this article we will try to give a simple other simultaneously detailed explanation of what a calibration in […]
11 March 2013

Advanced settings part II

In this chapter will deal with the color setting. The adjust color follows chronicles the basic settings (with which we have here) and grayscale calibration (which I discussed here). Before we begin, it is necessary to mention some basic things. […]
6 February 2013

Advanced settings part I

In this chapter we will deal with so-called advanced settings of our probolikoy. Here, we analyze the basic parameters and settings that are required for each medium. Just, well, complete the basic settings proceed to advanced, including: A) gray scale […]
20 January 2013

Basic settings and sliders

There are two types of settings to get the best possible picture of the projection inside us: The key, which does not require the use of special equipment and are made with the eye and which require advanced sensors (fwtospektrometra […]
12 January 2013

Zucchini balls vs Reference

The Italians say: neighbors Non e’ bello quel ch’ e’ bello, e’ bello quel che piace. What methermineyomeno in Neoellinikin means: Not nice nice, it is nice that you like. Too many everyday we confirm the above quotation. The food […]