11 August 2020

Xiaomi 4K Laser UST Projector Repair (white vertical lines)

Some of the owners of Xiaomi 4K mijia laser projector (or Wemax one, Fengmi, e.t.c) facing some problems in the operation of their projector that actually make the projection…nightmare.   What are these problems? -The projector has slow boot, it […]
23 March 2018

Cleaning spots in BenQ W series

Many DLP projector owners (and not only) often densely ask me how to clean their projector to remove spots that appear on the screen usually more strongly on a black background. So I decided to do this here article-guide explaining […]
22 September 2015

Vertical lines DLP problem (problem of vertical lines)

A potential damage you might encounter in a DLP projector is the presentation while viewing one or more vertical lines. These lines are usually persistent (or occur after several minutes of operation) and occur even if we haven’t connected source, […]
9 January 2015

Planar PD8130 repair

Planar is a company that few people know in the video. Created in 1983 as a main occupation was and still is the design and construction of “custom” imaging instruments, such as the EL (Electroluminescent) LCD panels that serve specific […]
30 April 2014

JVC DLA-X9… repair for strong stomachs …

Before some time came into my hands a JVC projector with a bizarre injury. The projector doesn’t recognize any input signal from both HDMI ports. In the past I have encountered again the specific harm, which was solved by replacing […]
10 March 2014

Infocus IN81 conversion in. … IN82

That I am very worried as a man and as a technician is something that I think you all have it figured out. In the context of this concern I present an intervention in DMD change an Infocus IN81 from […]
27 February 2014

Repair-TW4500 Epson

Recently fell in my hands an American Epson 8500UB, respectively in Europe is the TW4500 (if not TW5000), with several display problems. The most important was a red hue at the top and a green on the bottom. In the […]
14 February 2014

Optoma HD65 Repair

If you do a search on google you will find that many holders of Optoma HD65 have reported a mysterious (and unresolved) problem concerning the specific projector. The problem has to do with the fact that suddenly the projector stops […]
29 December 2013

Fall of on/off contrast on Sony SXRD-update

In my earlier article I had talked about a strange problem that I encountered on a Sony VPL-VW80, involving very large drop of on/off contrast. Our related article http://www.projectorjunkies.com/?p=1384 Of course I am not with folded hands and started the […]
8 November 2013

Optoma HD82 Cleaning

Optoma HD82 O is a DLP projector here that we got “quality-accurate” series on technology-specific … and for good reason …. The spotlight came on our hands with 1000 + hours and kalimprarismenos. The first thing I did was to […]
27 October 2013

Sony VPL-VW80 and destruction of contrast

Recently, I fell into our hands a Sony VPL-VW80 with not too many hours on his back, somewhere over 1000, which presented a mystery problem. Had lost completely black, which had almost become worse and from DLP. Measuring we found […]
19 September 2013

Benq lesions-all three led’s "death"

Many models, mostly of the DATA series, may exhibit a mysterious injury that essentially puts an end to our projector life. H this injury comes at a fortuitous time, usually after 1000 hours. Suddenly in our projector switched on and […]