14 September 2013

Cleaning Epson TW3000

I was always curious to measure the brightness of an LCD projector before and after a cleaning in the optical. The opportunity I was given when I arrived in my hands an Espon TW3000 with approximately 2000 hours on the […]
1 June 2013

Color correction and contrast increasing disparity in LCD part II

As we mentioned in part I of our article, it’s time to consider extensively the alleged disparity in LCD (LCD-SXRD-DILA) projectors. We know very well that the first part of the article was fairly “hard”, at least in the less […]
27 April 2013

Color correction and contrast increasing disparity in LCD part I

Maybe this is the first time that many LCD projector holders will get through this article clear answers for the problem that “surely” facing the projector over opening hours. Definitely not listening for the first time and even more certainly […]
24 March 2013

Cleaning & mini calibration BenQ W6000

A while ago we had the pleasure to see and to “arrange” a w6000. O our headlight came to 1300 hours of usage and lamp burned.. Our first impression caused the light weight and the somewhat “Chinese” chassis. … the […]
11 March 2013

Hitachi cleaning TX-200

A few days ago came to our laboratory a Hitachi TX-200 with over 2000 hours (600 in the second lamp) and with visible markings on the image. Low contrast and brightness and too large blotchy white tab. Believe us, our […]
5 February 2013

Problem with Optoma HD800XLV

Recently came to our laboratory a projector Optoma’s and specifically the hd800xlv with a mystery color problem. They say that a picture is equal to a thousand words …. and rather thus is. .. See the well … Mystery problem […]
16 January 2013

Focus problem on LCD EPSON

Certainly those who fiddle with the video projection will have heard of the problems focus of Epson LCD. On the other hand those who’re owners will have already experienced. The Focus problem of Epson regards almost all of the models […]
12 January 2013

Dead pixels in the picture of DLP projector

If you notice a black background usually multiple and irregular white dots (something like a starry night sky) then your projector has a serious problem on the DMD chip. The image you see is similar to this … This problem […]
7 January 2013

The Chronicle of a JVC DLA-HD750 repair

When such a powerful headlamp gets irreparable damage to the optic. then the amount of repair could not only be a very interesting story. … O our headlight came after his attempt at repair by a technician who suggested the […]
7 January 2013

BenQ W5000/20000 damage-vertical black lines on screen

Suddenly half the screen of your BenQ has been covered by white and black vertical lines; Don’t worry … the repair is simple, easy and most importantly you’ll learn about it here! Let’s get straight to the Chase. Several projectors […]
6 January 2013

Cleaning Sony VPL-AW15

The SONY is famous for its very good build quality on all its models reputation confirmed each time that we open for cleaning a SXRD model. Recently, I fell into our hands a “small” VPL-AW15 with approximately 900 hours and […]